Benang Kait: Jumbo Eyelash Yarn

Some sample knitted from this yarns 🙂

“Jumbo” types difference as compare to other “eyelash” type yarns is that these yarns have very thick main thread so that they can be used for knitting home textiles items such as door mets, and rugs. Because of their Super Super Bulky weight, the yardage is low, and for this reason, they are spun into 400gr skeins.

Price Per Lot :    RM19.49/0.400 kg.Each package
Category :    Home Page > Eyelash > Jumbo Eyelash
Color :   20 different colour of your choices 😀
Weight :    400 gr. Ruffly. 400 gr. Each package
Length :    100 m. Ruffly. 100 m. Each package
Fiber Content :   100% Polyester
Suggested Needle Size :    8-10 mm / US 11-15
Washing Insruction :    Hand Wash at 30ºC / 86ºF, lay flat to dry.

Very thick long eyelash yarn mainly used in home textiles, such as door met and rugs

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