Which suits you the best? Metal or bamboo?

When I first learn to knit, my first knitting needles was made of bamboo. Some knitters prefer to use bamboo because the surface of bamboo is less slippery which helps to control the yarn (loops) better from slipping off the needle.  So, it is useful to some types of yarns such as silk. However, some knitters who crave for speed prefer to use metal type needles for their knitting pleasure. Is there any differences between these two types of needles? Mostly for beginners, it is better to use bamboo needles when learning to knit. As you improve your skill to control the loops, take a chance to try out other types of needles such as metal, acrylic, plastic, metal plastic and wood. Yep! many types. Oh and besides, bamboo needles are best for those who allergy to metal types too.

Just now when I was looking around the net, I  stumbled upon a very nice post that tells about metal and bamboo knitting needles tips. Metal and bamboo are two different things. Each of type present different results to your knitting projects. Thanks to this tips, I learnt new things today 🙂

And so, I would love to share this nice post with you all. Have a look at it!

Click here — >  Knitting needles – Metal vs. Bamboo: some tips and ideas

Hope this post will be useful for all knitters out there 🙂

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