Another day another project

Alhamdulillah… finally IĀ  have received my needles. Thanks to the great seller, knityarn šŸ™‚

I really love her needles. The shipping service is very quick. So far, I haven’t yet feel frustrated to the items that I bought from her.Ā  This time I chose different sizes and mostly they are small size, such as 2.25mmx80cm, 2.75mmx80cm and 3.75mmx80cm. Suitable for making socks and clothes too.

And here is my coming project..

I just finished knitting the back part of this project. Wahh.. but this one was already took me about 3 weeks to finish since I have other job to be done. I guess, it will be less than 3 weeks if I really don’t have anything to do such as in free time. Really free time.. InsyaAllah, soon I will start with the front part and let’s see how it will be šŸ˜‰ hihi .. can’t wait to see the outcome. Oh and the yarns I am using is Yarn for Summer, GONCA which you can find in Yarnsonlineshop.Com. Wish me luck!

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    1. hihi harap dapat siap dengan cepat , wahh.. benang gonca ni besar dari saiz biasa Yuu. Untuk bahagian back part ni, cukup guna satu buku benang Gonca šŸ˜€ hihi.. kalau nak tengok perbandingan dia.. Yuu tengok kat gambar disini k?

    1. Hi Lylia,

      Thanks for hopping by! Yup.. it is still affordable, if you would like to have, I can get sets for you with small fees of my service.. šŸ™‚ email me if you are interested ok?

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