Must finish this!

Assalamualaikum and happy weekend to all! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend with family, friends and someone special…   🙂

So.. what am I up to in this weekend?

Huhuhuhu…  for now.. I promised myself that I will not start any new project unless I had done knitting this.. So I am knitting the front part now.

Not bad for a first try I think ..  🙂
This is going to be my first wearable project. and hopefully, sooner, I’ll be done with this one and then, I will be free to start any new project again huhu… especially The Hat for a bestfriend that is still in my to-do-list 🙁

InsyaAllah.. when I finish this, I will share it here 🙂 This pattern is very easy for those who wants to improve their knitting skill to another level 🙂 Wish me luck!

And beside.. I was trying to crochet a piece using the Merino Magic Yarn..

A small try with hook.. And I learnt that, knitting and crocheting will bring out difference texture and feel to the yarn even you are using same yarns for this two. Amazing! Both Knit and Crochet simply has their own specialty..

Thank you for hopping by and May Allah swt bless us all the time.. insyaAllah.

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