Knit Sunny Hat :)

Alhamdulillah.. finally I finished my second hat (tempahan rakan sekerja).. hope she will like it! 🙂

The process is 80% here..

and here it is!

This hat fits to baby 6 months old until 2 years old i guess xD The Edge ruffles is not done by knitting (it was supposedly to be a knit, however, because i feel lazy to do the edge and then sew the edge on the seam, so i just crocheted it using simple stitches 🙂 Alhamdulillah at least it turns out well.. ( i blocked the edge a bit with steam iron to flat it a bit)

Too bad… I don’t have a model to wear this but I found a cute model somewhere on the net:

Which.. the shape will be a bit similar to this 😀 hihi… Thank you for hopping by!


p/s: Oh dan.. berkenaan dengan kedai online beberapa hari ini berlaku sedikit glitch (mesti kena makan bugs..) tapi tak apa.. masalah ini adalah sementara sahaja dan anda semua masih boleh terus membuat order dengan menghantar email kepada kami jenis benang-benang yang anda ingin shopping ok?! 🙂

2 Replies to “Knit Sunny Hat :)”

    1. hihi.. thank you kak Aisyah 😀
      Yarn is summer rose..
      Tapi kena improve lagi crochet skill saya huhu… Thanks for visiting da’knit kak Aisyah 🙂

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