WIP: Beret Mohair


A quick update of my latest project.. beret mohair.. using polo mohair yarn.. 🙂

I have a request of knitting a jacket for my youngest sister too.. using the same yarn as this.. so.. let’s see first how this yarn will turns out.

May Allah bless us and all the one we love all the time. Amin amin amin.

Happy weekend!

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4 Replies to “WIP: Beret Mohair”

    1. InsyaAllah kak Aisyah.. saya pun tak sabar nak habiskan dan lihat hasilnya nanti.. thank you so much kak Aisyah.. saya nak cuba juga yang lace yang kak Aisyah bagi tu 🙂 After siap yang beret ni, akan cuba try pattern tu.

  1. *squeal!!* nice colour!! ganbatte ne! hopefully the sweater will turn out just as nice as the red baby sweater that you made, ery. anyway, pattern beret ni yg jenis mcm mana? jarang2 ke atau close crochet like single crochet only & jenis yg tutup semua rambut ke atau tutup bahagian atas & part of belakang kepala je?

    1. Thank you Jaja! I hope so too.. ah.. but really Jaja.. making a sweater do take lot of time 🙁 I wish i have speedy fingers 😛
      Pattern yang beret ni jenis cable.. first time nak buat cable beret.. hopefully berjaya lah.. dia tak jarang tapi rapat-rapat, macam bentuk bunga sikit.. yup close like single crochet.. dan tutup rambut.. tapi tak semua.. dia topi macam ala-ala french gtu hehehe.. Nanti dah siap, saya share pattern.. mana tau nanti Jaja teringin nak cuba 🙂
      Hopefully i can finish it soon.. wish me luck ya Jaja!

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