Since I got my new yarns today.. I couldn’t resist the desire (really tempted) to try this Degas Cotton. As my first time trying this 100% mercerized cotton, surely it gives different feelings xD

Quickly I grabbed my hook and knitting needles to start a small project..

Tada! A small button flower..

Let’s look with closer view

And.. for knitting, I just tried a simple knit and purl to see the result:

Knit and purl

So.. here areΒ  my conclusions:

1. This cotton does feels good to work with both crochet and knitting.

2. If you like to crochet this cotton, it is suitable for making accessories such as bags, flowers, doilies (alas meja), hat, dishcloths..

3. If you like to knit this cotton, you can knit a simple top/summer top, bags, flowers, dishcloths, simple hat.

Anyone interested to try this cotton yarn for a small project? πŸ™‚

Feel free to check out this yarn at http://aheys.com/mengait/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=92

If you wish to have in a bulk, you can always find them in yarnsonlineshop.com under Yarns For Summer category.

Any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email me.

8 Replies to “Experimenting…”

    1. Terima kasih kak Aisyah.. warna dia sesuai kalau kak Aisyah nak buat accessories.. benang-benang ni ada rasa tough sikit.. sesuai benar buat doilies/bags dan flowers.

    1. Thanks Yuu.. hihi.. Yuu suka saya lagi suka xD first time guna mercerized cotton mmg feel dia berbeza sgt..

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