Knit Pineapple & Weekend WIP

Assalamualaikum semua 🙂

Alhamdulillah.. hari ini berkesempatan lagi menulis. I am so happy because it is Friday! I just LoooooVe Friday xD

Besides, I am happy because some of my parcels had arrived today! Which is the book that I’ve been longing to own one for a long time! The Ultimate Pineapple Knit by Annie Attic shipped by my official supplier 🙂

Yay!! I am so happy to see this book. Well.. even it was not in my expectations (because ingatkan buku ni tebal) and I think we can call this as a booklet but but! it does contain really nice pineapple pattern to knit 🙂 Hey.. knitting pun boleh kait corak nanas tau! All patterns are in instructions. Also, I received my stitch markers too 🙂 Both items are from two different countries, but arrived in same day and also FAST!

Here are some pictures of the pattern inside this book:

This is simple Doily. Will try this for sure!

Isn’t this lovely?

This is cute indeed! This will be in my to-do-list

Yup.. buku ni bukan setakat knitting sahaja tau! Siap ada recipe dari buah nanas juga haha.. 🙂 Nice! Ada recipe kek nanas. Macam sedap kan? So all in all, this book provide 10 patterns to knit, and what I can say is, they are all lovely and I feel satisfied with this book.

So.. how about my WIP raglan sweater? Somehow, i manage to increase it to 75% done 🙁 really busy week…

I do fall in love with raglan knitting. It is a -free- design, thus, you can design with your own pattern as how you like once you know the technique. No hassle with sewing body seam and arms seam. I am sure I will make more of this in the future, even will do one for myself insyaAllah 😀 Name of pattern is Helene from Knitty.Com  ( I hope I am spelling right!)

After this done, I am going to start with another 3 baby sweaters. Wish me luck friends 🙂

Anyone who interested to purchase the Ultimate Pineapple Book, you can check out at our store via this link:

and anyone who interested to purchase the 60 pieces of stitch markers, you can check out at our store via this link:

Thank you everyone for hopping by!

Assalamualaikum and May Allah swt bless us all

p/s: Alhamdulillah, order-order pelanggan seperti benang, jarum telahpun selesai diproses. InsyaAllah, segala update nanti akan diemail pada customers ya. Terima kasih kepada semua yang sudi menunggu dengan sabar parcel-parcel mereka. Kadang-kadang ada yang cepat dan ada yang lewat, namun, insyaAllah, ianya pasti sampai. Jika ada sebarang kemusykilan, sila hubungi kami bila-bila masa sahaja ya! We always do our best to give you the best service and customers satisfaction is guaranteed!

Thank you 🙂


4 Replies to “Knit Pineapple & Weekend WIP”

  1. Lovely patterns! I love the lampshade one! And that sweater will be very sweet once it’s finished. I still haven’t the time to really learn how to knit…Good luck!

    1. Thank you kak Aisyah! I love the doily and the lampshade too. Oh.. I do hope it will be as sweet as how you said kak Aisyah 🙂
      Kak Aisyah datang kat KK nanti, boleh kita duduk-duduk belajar knitting 🙂 insyaAllah.
      Thank you for the wish of good luck kak xD

  2. wah…new pattern….kalo knit x daya la akak nak try. knit yg basic pun dok salah2 je. hehe. tapi insya allah akan mencuba hingga berjaya 🙂

    kalo crochet nenas pernah la buat. tapi sebenarnya kan, nenas memang cute je rupanya…org dok kata strawberry, apple & cherry comel, tapi kita tengok buah2an lain yg lebih eksotik & local cam nenas, tembikai,buah naga….ada value tersendiri kan… tak kira dr segi rasa, mahupun rupa penghasilannya ? 🙂 (dah terkeluar topik ke apa ni? hehe…)

    1. Ah ha kak Natasha.. new pattern on the to do list hehe.. banyak sangat list mana nak siap ni… insyaAllah, lama-lama kak Natasha mesti boleh buat hingga berjaya! Wish you all the best kak.

      hehehe.. cute lah kak Natasha xD saya rasa buah nenas memang unik. Saya suka nenas tapi tak boleh makan selalu huhuhu .. 🙁

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