WIP: More baby sweaters in progress xD


This is my new sweater project using mohair yarn.. oh.. i really really love the mohair texture. It is soooo soft and fluffy! Plus, it is magic yarn! You really should try this fuwa fuwa yarn.. xD

If you would like to see my other project using this yarn, please click here -> Tassle Cable Hat

My second WIP:

Red again! xD

This red one must be done by this weekend.. really really reallllly a must!! and Noooo Excuse.

Meanwhile, I have more projects waiting in my list.. but can’t do all in one time.. also, it can hurt fingers so much too.. So, mostly, when I feel my hand started to feel stress, I will stop for a while and change to crochet and vice versa.

Oh ya, do you know that knitting and crocheting are also good for our health? It’s good to know that the things we love to do are also good for our health. It can make you feel relief and helps you to release your stress (which is sooo true! xD)

Oh and, good news for everyone who would love to try our yarnsonlineshop.com yarns in small quantity, you can visit us at sindarery.aheys.com. All items are free shipping πŸ™‚

What I’ve been up to for the passed few days… (and also will be continued) are:

1. Learning to read crochet instructions.

2. Doing my best to make more handmade items.. insyaAllah

3. Enhancing my skill in knitting and crochet (both are enjoying!)

4. Learning about yarns and the types of yarns (it’s fun to try different type of yarns.. it helps you to sharpen your skill and your creativity in finding suitable project that will fit)

5. Struggling to learn knitting 2 socks at 1 time.. (Personally, I stillΒ  think that using DPNs are good for making socks. But if you feel it’s troublesome to handle 3-4 needles at a time, using one long circular needle to knit 1 sock at a time is ok too πŸ™‚ ) – I suggest ADDi ! xD

6. To understand the concept of raglan sweater. ( I am going to knit one for myself! must.. must..must!!)

7. To find the best way to knit fast! (which is supposed to be my 1st wish list)

8. To find something good to be swapped in Swap Workshop ( I am sorry for not being active.. but I will someday!)

9. To give best service to our customers insyaAllah.

10. Err……*thinking*

hehehe… ok! Done with the list.

Oh and I woud like to express my gratitude to all my friends and Da’Knit visitors for never stop hopping by to this humble blog. Thank you so much for all the comments, suggestion, emails… πŸ˜€ I am sorry for not being able to update as much as before because of the busssyyy-ness in office xD But I will do my best to update this blog with many interesting things about knitting/crochet in the future. InsyaAllah..

*Huh.. tasks for a teacher never seems to end..*

Thank you for hopping by! πŸ™‚

May Allah swt bless us all.

Finally it’s Friday! And again .. I just lllllooooveee FRIDAY! πŸ˜€


4 Replies to “WIP: More baby sweaters in progress xD”

    1. Hehe.. xD
      Yup Mieke.. it is coming to school holiday.. many things need to be done and finished before holiday.. this is why πŸ™
      Wish me luck ya!

  1. wow…bz ye ery…:)

    eh…tapi mmg betul tau. kalo tgh2 stress atau time akak nak berfikir, akak akan crochet atau knit…sambil menyimpul benang, sambil terlerai apa yg difikir. kalo tengah marah ngan anak2 pun, akak suka dok diam, mengait. kalo layan marahkan diorang ni, mau kena je….(ibu yg garang….hahah…mana ada ibu yg x garang!) kekadang x sampai 5 minit pun pegang jarum, kalo dah ok, letak la balik. sambung keje….hahahha….melalut panjang pulak….

    apa pun akak doakan semua urusan ery Allah mudahkan & dpt dijalankan dgn jayanya.:) good luck.

    1. Bz..kak Natasha πŸ™
      selalu macam ni.. sebulan dua dekat nak cuti.. mesti byk kerja bertimbun2 nak kena siap hahah.. kadang-kadang rasa mengalahkan professor xD

      yup betul tu kak.. saya pun selalu buat cara ni kalau nak hilangkan perasaan marah,sedih,stress.. mesti mengait.. supaya fikiran tu tak terganggu dan memang sangat membantu πŸ™‚

      amin ya rabbal’alamin.. semoga Allah juga memudahkan segala urusan kak Natasha dengan jayanya.. πŸ™‚

      Terima kasih di atas doa kak Natasha , amin..

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