Have you ever heard about Bookdepository?


Just wanted to share with all of you 🙂

While surfing around.. I suddenly stumbled upon on a site that is…” so good to be true’ online bookstore based on UK ( I guess.. please correct me if i am wrong )


Believe it or not, every books in this store is WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING – anddd.. available for Malaysian too 🙂 isn’t it good??? You can check out their country list that is eligible for free shipping. Ah of course, since it is “Free”, that means this store will use a normal shipping method (without any tracking number) for delivery.

However.. you save heaps of money from this online bookstore, that,  of course – pay with your own risk. However, I have found some reviews from buyers who have dealt with them. You can look here: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1290993 which, from what I’ve read, most of them gave positive feedback for this store 🙂

You can pay them with using CC or paypal.

I will try this soon 🙂


2 Replies to “Have you ever heard about Bookdepository?”

  1. Hehe, I’ve ordered many of my textbooks from them, they do discount quite a lot! 😀 And sometimes they have contests and giveaway-type things, memang menarik. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the feedback Aneesah wow.. the thing is, it’s unbelievable to get those books in low prices. Tapi rasanya kalau ship ke Malaysia at least still ambil masa 2-3 minggu. Saya jumpa buku yang dah lama nak beli .. insyaAllah.. nanti nak beli 😀 hihi.. nice, ada contests lagi? bestnyer… lucky you Aneesah sebb Aneesah kat UK kan? hihi.. cepat ja sampai buku..

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