Sleeves…and yummy yarns!

Alhamdulillah.. thank you to Allah.. now I am reaching the sleeve part.. After both sleeves done, I am free! xD huhuhu but just for a second because I have more pending order that need to be done as soon as possible.. wish me luck ya! 🙂

Few yarns that I bought yesterday.. Sirdar and Daiso yarns.. This is my first time to play with eyelash yarns.. I am thinking a nice project for this. Will do it after i finish all of my orders. The boucle yarns is sooo soft xD The plain single yarns .. is going to be another hat soon!


12 Replies to “Sleeves…and yummy yarns!”

  1. selamat berjaya cik ery! tak sabar nak tunggu turn blanket dengan topi saya pulak 🙂 mesti cantik dan fluffy nanti.

    1. Terima kasih kak Lia xD eyelash tu dalam kepala sedang pikir mau kait topi .. harap2 menjadi xD mmg lembut benang2 ni kak Lia ..sedap betul pegang especially yang hijau tu 🙂

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