Sock Knitting Yaho xD

yaaayyyy.. alhamdulillah…  after so long, finally i own this book thanks to my brother xD yahahaha…

Thank you so much for treating me this book bro.. love u so much! hehehe.. xD

When I first wanted to learn on how to knit a sock, I was referring to this book (actually.. was e-book that I downloaded somewhere around the net about 2 years ago)

This book is really good for those who wants to learn on how to knit socks. It gives good instructions, clear pictures and nice-easy patterns to follow for the beginners to intermediate or even advanced learner!

Alhamdulillah.. now I can knit socks better without need to refer to the PC screen again.

You can find this book at Times Bookstore, for the price of RM89++

Thanks for hopping by and Assalamualaikum!

May Allah swt bless us all 🙂

2 Replies to “Sock Knitting Yaho xD”

    1. Waalaikumsalam kak Aisyah…. huaaa… x beranilah ambil tempahan socks ni.. susah mau ukur saiz dia 🙁 selain sock knitting, nanti boleh cuba crochet socks … rasanya lebih mudah berbanding knitting.. nanti kak Aisyah cuba juga ya xD sama2 kita buat eksperimen.. hehehe..

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