My New Collections! – I'm just a Yarn Maniac :D –

Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah….. Today.. the things I’ve been looking forward for all this week has finally arrived! I am so happy that today I received my yarns after a week of waiting. Huhh…. Honestly, I have many plan that i have set in my mind of what to do with all my yarns.. but yet, because of my buzzinnesss at my workplace.. I had to do it so slow… huhuhuu.. insyaAllah, hopefully.. these new yarns are going to be knit and crochet soon too 🙂

Alhamdulillah.. Thank you to my hubby 🙂 Cok cok tesekkur ederim hayatim for treating me with my favourite candies!

This is Lorena Mint Green.. soft, light, and very nice for many kind of projects such as cardigan, vest, bag, tablecloth, dishcloths, hats, booties and many moreee!

This is Lorena Red…

and this is Lorena Pink 🙂

Magic Baby.. will make a cute sweet cardigan from this.. soft and really nice to feel..

Magic Wool Light.. very nice colour 😀 can’t wait to make hat with this soon..

Kartopu baby yarns… soooo soffftttt!

Benekli bebe.. OH Allah, this is sooooo sofffttttt…… and soooooo comfortable!

Boncuk.. this is my favourite! 🙂 Soft and really nice for any wearable projects..


Alize Yarns.. these are a gift from my hubby few months ago, 9 balls as total 🙂 Really like this yarn so much, they are all in progress to be a sock, bag and cardigan soon! InsyaAllah..

I love all the yarns.. and I am very satisfied with the quality from Ice yarns brands, if you are interested to purchase, please visit our and don’t forget to check us out every TUESDAY for GREAT PROMOTION yarns ever! .. I am sure there are many and many more quality yarns outside there. InsyaAllah, hopefully one day, I can try another different brand.. especially like Debbie bliss, Rowan, King Cole and many more..

Tonight, I’ll be making this for my brother as he requested me since few weeks ago.. ( though i still have many pending order and projects that need to be done.. 🙁 )

InsyaAllah.. hope I can finish all soon.. slowly but with quality! 🙂

Thank you for hopping by and Assalamualaikum..

May Allah swt bless us all

15 Replies to “My New Collections! – I'm just a Yarn Maniac :D –”

  1. Salam kak ery. hihi lame xkomen2 kat sni. banyaknyeeeeee benang!! lame sgt xbeli belah benang. bes sgt tgk benang2 akak neh. eye-candy sungguh!

    p/s:sy nk tny, ade ke kesan pd benang if kte dh beli lame tp xgune? just wondering sbb saye byk stok yg xsentuh2 lg T____T

    1. Waalaikumsalam Syahidah 🙂

      hihi tak apa.. masing2 busy kan? akak pun jarang-jarang dah blogwalking sbb busy sikit…

      kalau benang ni.. biasanya in time.. dia pandai berhabuk dan berbulu kalau tak dijaga dan disimpan dengan baik.. kalau cikida ada banyak benang yang tak sentuh lagi.. akak suggest simpan kat dalam bekas yang bersih dan tidak mudah berdebu.. insyaAllah.. simpan lama pun masih ok!

      Akak pun ada banyak benang yang tak sentuh sejak beli awal tahun lalu.. alhamdulillah masih ok.. sbb akak simpan kat dalam beg yang tak simpan debu.. syahidah cuba ya ! 🙂

  2. salam ery..bestnya banyak2 benang nie..mmg terapi minda pun…akak akan beli 1 hari nnt…hehehe..wish list tu..skrg nie guna yg nona dan minlon dulu..hhehehe

    1. salam Kak Ida..

      Maaf sebab sejak akhir2 ini saya selalu lepak kat Da’Knit page sampai komen kat blog pun terlepas pandang.. Maaf sangat2.. yang Magic Baby tu dah habis stoknya.. insyaAllah kalau ada new stock saya update kat Da’knit FB 😀

    1. Benang ni tak mahal sebab dijual dalam paket Sanchai 🙂

      Try one lot xD Pasti Sanchai suka!

      Kalau interested, blh email saya for further inquiries ok? 🙂

  3. Saya dah terima semua benang saya semlm..cantik2 semuanyaaa..tgh pikir project apa nak start..viscose premium tu 1st time try.. Cantiknya benang dia..

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