WIP of My Slow Shello Muffler ..

Frankly, I am not very good in designing a pattern. Refering to books and free patterns are always the best way to learn something new, especially when you try to create your own masterpiece… Thus, whenever you came up with an idea, it is always the best to start with the basic,  and definitely goes same when it comes to crochet. After quite awhile I leave my hook and needles aside.. this is my second attempt of making something new, but yet, something basic. This Shello Muffler I called, looks complicated but yet very easy when you start making it :). I come up with and idea of making a muffler after I watched my hubby helping me untangled this yarn for few hours.. ahh.. thank you so much, canim! If not because of him, I would already cut the yarn in the middle and leave the others 😛 so wasting aren’t I? My bad habit!

Using a ball of Alize Diva Yarn and 2.5mm hook.. I created this Shello Muffler. Why I called it a Shello Muffler? Hehe.. the word shello actually comes from Shell.. the pattern stitch i used are mostly the combination of shell. So its pretty easy! Yup, believe or not,  you also can do it! I am not sure how many balls I will need to complete this one, but since I have two balls of this colour, so it will be more than enough to make one long muffler. Just that I have to make sure I am not stressing myself to finish this. Yea.. going to crochet it very slow… especially the school is going to open again next week.. oh well! Let’s forget it 😛

I miss to knit too.. Still thinking to knit something for myself.. but let’s see how! Perhaps a baby dress or sweater? 🙂

Thank you for hopping by to da’knit! May Allah swt bless us all.




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