Coaster little coaster

Assalamualaikum.. how is everyone? Hope you are all doing good and fine 🙂 Hope it is not late to wish everyone a happy weekend!

These days, I am kinda addicting again to crochet. Problem with me when I want to start making a new project is that I always spent lots of time searching patterns and skip the easy one (konon-konon nak challenge skill sendiri) Offf… but honestly, it is a tiring job! So don’t know how it starts, thoughts came to my mind, – why just don’t I do something easy and fun? No stress, no burden! – Or otherwise, I will just waste my time looking for patterns.. but in the end, not totally making it lol (do you have the same problem as me too? 🙂 )

So while surfing around.. I found and easy cute simple pattern 🙂 Then I said to myself.. ok ok.. let me try make it this time. Must hold yourself from searching more patterns, just stop and do this!!  No more looking around.. no more headache.. no more bluffing and pretending you will do it! AHH… Yay! Finally, I managed to control my “nafsu” and in the end, I feel very happy with the outcome 🙂

Allah Allah.. why I just dont do this since loooongg before 🙁 This is very easy, very cute, very simple coaster but yet, so sweet. Aaah…. again, another one..

Again! Did it in just 10-15 minutes.. very easy coaster 😀

Lesson I learnt, don’t just skip!

Actually, making something easy and fun also helps to boost up your spirit to continue mengait. The only thing you need to know is to play with colours. Even simple, but the way how you present your work is important! 🙂

So, why don’t you all try to crochet a long with me? Make this pattern and show off your creativity!

So.. what you are waiting for? Come CAL (Crochet A Long) with me! 😀

May Allah swt bless us all.

Thank you for hopping by!

7 Replies to “Coaster little coaster”

    1. Salam kak Yaati.. yang ni tak ada english pattern, tapi akak boleh try translate ke english pattern menggunakan simbol2 di atas gambar. Senang aja ni 🙂 Beikut nama istilah setiap simbol, kait dari tengah:

      o- chain
      yang bintik hitam bulat – slip stitch
      huruf t tu – double crochet
      Yang huruf jepun di tengah2 lubang tu maksudnya – magic ring

      Kait dari tengah, akak boleh buat kiraan berdasarkan bilangan simbol yang hadir 🙂

      cuba ya!

  1. Terima kasih,cantik!sesuai buat apa ya?Betul,setuju dengan Ery,meletihkan,kalau mula projek apa-apa dah boleh siap separuh agaknya.

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