Simply Pretty Baby Dress – First Trial!

dressAlhamdulillah.. I finished this dress within 1 week + (and yes, just now). Oh oh.. I really love how it turns out at the end, though, I kept being hesitated to choose either I should come up with lace or just simple basic knit. I used my daughter’s dress to get the measurement I need for 1 year old size. The ruffle was a trial and error and unexpectedly, it comes out like how I really wish to knit

As I said, I need to make a simple easy raglan cardigan as a Kit (but sorry.. I can not help myself but to knit a dress ) But insya Allah, it will be easy and I will try my best to make it easier for beginner to read and follow.

I’m going to make another one using different yarn (I’m planning to use Nako Luks Minnos) and re-write the pattern again.

Wish me luck again, and hope I can release the pattern by the end of September.

Happy knitting!

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