Buku Pertama Saya: Variasi Asas Knitting (Mengait Jarum Dua)

Assalamualaikum and good morning to everyone 🙂

I would love to introduce you with my very first book, Variasi Asas Knitting (Mengait Jarum Dua) that will be published soon by Karangkraf. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my book is like a dream comes true <3

A thousands of thank you with lots of love to my husband for all his great support from the beginning till the end during the progress. Being my great photographer, the one who always encourage me to stand out, the one who always believe I can do more and far better than anyone else in this world ( oh yeah, that’s too much of course! lol ) Well.. no matter how, still, if not because of him, I would never have the chance to write. And not to forget, my parents who always there for me and give me all their supports! masya Allah, may Allah swt grant you all happiness and good health! Amin ya rabbal alamin.

I just hope and pray that this book will be useful for those who wants to learn to knit and love the art of yarns. I’ll be more happy to see the outcome than the book itself.  May this book helps you to enhance your hand skill and perhaps, it will open a way for you to gain something more than just a hobby. Insya Allah.

In this book, I include the steps of learning the basic knitting (you can view my free lesson at www.senimengait.com), increase, decrease, making simple accessories and 8 patterns that you can try out. You can always find me at www.facebook.com/daknit if you need help with my patterns. I will be happy to guide and assist you, insya Allah.

If you buy one, do tag me at IG ya! Follow my IG at @daknit_ery <3

Happy knitting!

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