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Hello. My name is Ery. I am the founder of Da’Knit, and slowly starting this small business by selling my extra yarns that I have just so I can share my hobby with someone else. And I still remember my very first customer 🙂 Not long after, we started to take a serious step by being an Ice Yarn authorized reseller on 27 August 2011, and built Daknit.Com few months later.  We are now running the small-business as a family, Most of the times I am the person who is in charge of Customer Service (now I am the Sales Manager) 🙂 Because I love talking with new people and get to meet many good people among us.

What is your web-store?

998603_576103952413120_1725220330_nOur wholesale yarn shop: http://yarnsonlineshop.com

Our retail yarn and tools shop: http://www.daknit.com (Da’Knit ENTERPRISE (0000105122-T))

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(We are now official NAKO Supplier in Malaysia – Photo taken on 29 January 2014)

1. www.daknit.com is owned by Da’Knit ENTERPRISE (0000105122-T). We have been selling online since August 2010. Our local shop was first located in Wisma Muis, Kota Kinabalu but now we have moved to a new location inside Central Plaza Shopping Mall Kota Kinabalu building.. We also deal the business from Turkey (ER-TES Limited Corporation, Bursa, Turkey) to Malaysia and worldwide. For international customers, we only accept payment via PAYPAL.

2. We sell 100% high quality imported yarns, knitting and crochet tools, craft materials and more. We also supply and sell to retailer who is interested in a wholesale purchase of any product we have in store. Please email us to discuss more.

3. For our online customer, delivery service is as follow: Monday, Wednesday, Friday via POS LAJU, POS DAFTAR and PARCEL AIR MAIL ( parcel air mail = for minimum 1 KG).

4. Contact us:

We are aiming to be one of the best knitting and yarn store in Malaysia also Worldwide, providing a competitive and reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy the quality of the products we bring to Malaysia. In addition, with the experience and a strong background of business family (from my husband’s and my mother’s side) we will make sure to do our best for 100% satisfaction guarantee, warm reply and a friendly service. So please have a trust on us!

How do we get connected with you?

With the technology that we have nowadays, everyone can be easily reached with no hassle 🙂 and so are we. We have a Facebook Page account, please feel free to hop by anytime at our page http://www.facebook.com/daknit

Thank you for willing to give your time reading this post and thank you for everyone’s support, especially our dear regular customers 🙂 Without you, there is no Da’Knit!

May Allah swt bless us all.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting everyone!

Notis: Diingatkan bahawa, sebahagian tutorial/patterns adalah MILIK SAYA dan sebahagian yang lain adalah dari sumber-sumber yang lain. Setiap sumber BUKAN MILIK saya KREDITNYA adalah untuk PEMILIK ASAL sumber tersebut. Terima kasih 🙂

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  1. saya minat mengait tp saya cm tahu gn satu jarum jer.sblm ni pun cm tau bt benda yg simple2 jer jd blh bg patern yg br x

  2. As Salaamu Alaykum,

    Mrs. Da’Knit, can you please tell me what pattern you are knitting with the pink lace yarn. It is the one that you mentioned you were “knitting in the car.”

    Shukran in advance,


  3. Hi. I really want to crochet a very nice table cloth but for intermediate level. Is there a nice pattern for me as now a days there is no more books on crochet in the market.

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