Chit chat a bit.. Lately I'm into crochet.. :D New Cell Phone Pouch!

Assalamualaikum everyone.. thank you for hopping by! It has been a while since I updated my blog last 2 weeks.. Yup.. days becoming very busy lately.. Going out from house at 6am.. coming home around 7.00pm.. almost everyday and honestly it is very tiring especially during preganancy..  (alhamdulillah for all the gifts given by Allah swt)

School holiday is just around the corner, 1 week more to go! Hardly can’t wait.. Have lots of things that need to be handled one by one.. and the only time I can do this during the school holiday, very limited time! So housewife! Be grateful! Cause as I see.. being a  housewife, you can do many things and also, time can be managed easily without need to worry about jobs at office etc…isn’t it? 🙂

Alhamdulillah.. our shop is growing well too, cok sukur ya rabb, and thank you so much again for all the support given by my husband and family. I hope and pray that everyone will achieve the success that they dream of! insyaAllah.

Oh just came into my mind..  my colleagues was telling me about a Turkish Stall in Kota Kinabalu, selling Turkish Kebab, made by real Turk. Hahaha.. the cute thing is, they were very excited telling me about it and of course, I am very excited to hear too since it is not that easy to find any Turkish food here in Sabah 🙂 But yet, my husband did not shows any interest at all @_@ But still I am planning to visit it during the holiday and hopefully, the taste of the kebab is as same as the one I ate in Bursa, Turkey. InsyaAllah, if got the chance to eat one!

Iskender Kebab.. totally yummy! treated by my husband when we were in Bursa, Turkiye. (picture is not mine.. just copy it from google hihi..)

However, I am being very grateful to Allah because I heard that Turkish Man is very loyal to their food and very choosy when eating. But alhamdulillah.. I have no problem serving him Malaysian food xD but still need to learn slowly.. so anyone knows where I can find easy Turkish recipe to cook at home? I am not sure if Sabah selling any turkish ingredients but i am sure it can be replaced with something similar.

Oh.. ok enough talking about food! So yesterday, I started with a new project again after done with the 10 days Granny Squares Challenge (

Tadaaa!!! A pouch for a cell phone (honestly I was not planning to make it for a cell phone but it looks good after I put my cell phone inside hihihi)

Using 3.00mm hook and cotton yarn, the colour effect turns out very sweet 😀 This took only few hours to finish. But I had to complete it in two days. Oh today is Jumaat 😀 Happy Jumaat semua.. may Allah swt bless us all.

My hubby needs the pc! Ups.. then I need to quit writing now. Thank you again for hopping by 🙂

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