Why we love Nako yarns?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABesides having them in our store suchs as Alize, Oren Bayan, Ice, Kartopu, Papatya and just to name a few, we love Nako too! Why we chose Nako? Nako have been inside the industry for more than 50 years! Quality is our mission and nothing is more important than to serve our customers with quality products! Your trust is our priority. We’ll strive our best to serve you better from time to time Thank you for everyone’s support.

Who is NAKO?
Nako ?plik Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.?. was established in 1962. It is a leading company in hand knitting yarn sector.
Nako is produced in ORMO plants which own the world’s state of art production systems and which has the largest capacity among the similar companies under the same roof in hand knitting yarn sector. Nako presents the market over 40 kinds of hand knitting yarn, appealing to all kind of taste and touch.

ORMO YÜN ?PL?K A.?. (http://www.ormo.com.tr/) which has proved it reputability, innovation and creativeness in Turkey and the world market, is proud to become integrated with the trade mark NAKO in Turkey as a result of its success in following the global trends and its developed know-how experience in hand knitting yarn sector.

Nako, with its product range constituted by stylish texture and colors, is the Turkish ladies’ favorite since many years.

Our consumers’ satisfaction of the below has enabled Nako to remain at the top of the list;
• Unchangeable top quality of Nako products,
• Sustainability and richness of Nako colors
• Being able to use the knitted products of Nako for long years without any outwear and with the same softness and texture.

Da’Knit ENT

Free Crochet Pattern: Ballerina Baby Booties by Da'Knit Designs



Alhamdulillah.. Finally I have found my perfect booties after 2 days of trial and error. So here, I’m sharing the pattern with you and enjoy! (You may attach flowers to make it looks cute and sweet 🙂 )

FOR FULL PHOTO TUTORIAL (in MALAY VERSION SIZE 0-3 months old) CLICK https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.689014867788694.1073741878.215276015162584&type=3

**Pattern and all pictures are copyrighted. No resell, no distribution in any forms. All rights reserved by Daknit.Com (please share the link only). You can sell the item made from this pattern for profits but not commercially*

Level: Advanced beginner, EASY

SIZE: 6-12 months old

Yarn suggested:
Any Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi) – I am using Nako Luks Minnos. (if you use different weight, please make sure you check your gauge first). Yardage: 382 yards (350 meters)

Unit weight: 100 grams (3.53 ounces)

Gauge: 19.0 sts = 4 inches for 4.00mm size of crochet hook. I am using 3.00mm size of crochet hook for this pattern.

Hook size: 3.00 mm

Scissor to cut yarn

Stitch marker is optional to mark your starting point.


Ch– Chain

Dc – Double Crochet

Dc2tog – make dc in next 2 sts together, (Please refer to this link for tutorial of dc2tog)

Hdc – Half double crochet

Sc  – Single crochet

ss – Slip stitch

Sts – stitches

LOOP – hole (lubang)


1) Every first of Chain 3 is counted as dc stitch.

2) Slip stitch on every first of chain 3.

TIPS: This size is made for 3.50 inci length of sole (0-3 months old). If you need to make a smaller size or a bigger size than this, make a chain until your desired length, and start crocheting in the same manner as the instruction below since most of the increase part is done between each corner of sole. However, for smaller size, you may skip 1 or 2 dc2tog for shaping.

Instructions (Fully USA Crochet TERMS).


a) Chain 23, continue with making 1 dc in 4th-ch from hook

b) Now (here you will have 2 dc in 1 loop, chain 3 is counted as first dc) you will have 2 sts on 4th-ch (chain 3, 1 DC) – Please refer to diagram below.

c) Continue making dc in every next ch loop, until you reach the last ch, make 6dc in the same ch loop.  Do not turn, but continue making dc in every next ch, until the last sts, make 2dc. Slip stitch (ss). (Please refer to diagram below for step a, b and c)

:: You will have 46 sts including chain 3 on First ROW.

1c(Purple Arrow is to show the direction of turn, and number 1, 2, 3 written in RED FONT is the start of the chain)

round1(Picture above: Step d, e)

d) Ch3, dc in same loop, dc in next 19 sts, (2dc in next sts) x 6 times, dc 19, 2dc in last sts, ss.

e) Ch3, dc in same loop, dc in next 22 sts, (2dc in next sts) x 8 times, dc 22, 2dc in last sts, ss.

f) chain 3, dc in every sts, ss. ( 64 sts, chain 3 is counted as dc)


g) ch 3, dc in next 13 sts, (dc2tog in next 2 sts) x 18 times,  dc in next 14 sts, ss.

h) ch 3, hdc in next 46 sts, ss …………….. (OR IF YOU NEED MORE CURVE FOR THE BOOTIES SHAPE make – ch3,hdc in next 17 sts, hdc2tog in next 10 sts, hdc in next 18 sts, ss)

i) ch 1, sc in every sts, ss in next sts, ss in next sts, cut yarn and weave it off.

Now repeat instruction for second pair. DONE! <3

You can also attach flowers to make it more attractive and cute!
1468717_662239250466256_90668376_n 1476204_662296933793821_1928543080_nNote: Please contact me if you found any error with this pattern. I am not responsible for the result you gain by using my pattern if you knit with different yarns. Thank you for trying out this design! Do share with me your project using this pattern. Pattern is copyrighted.

Hope you enjoy making my pattern 🙂

Written and charted by,
Ery EROGLU/Ery Yusof.


Baby set to-be.. another Pom Pom Hat :)

Assalamualaikum and good evening!

To dear visitors, thank you for stopping by.  To be frank, I have heaps of stories to share in my blog especially the recent activities I’ve been up to lately, and of course, nothing else other than my passion towards knitting and crochet 🙂

Up to this week, I have new special request by a cute and lovely customer, also a nurse-to-be, to make a baby set of  hat, booties and mittens. So, I’m done with the first part, and at the moment completing the second task, a pair of booties.

1381217_623219467701568_1487125710_nTada!! What do you think 😀 yep, i’m proud to see its cute! Pom Pom Hat for a litlle baby girl.
Material used: Alize Sekerim Desenli 0-4. Available for purchase at: www.daknit.com

Apart from that, I also have another ongoing project, a very beautiful shawl that I plan to make for my mom and my good friend from my workplace. Still no matter what and regardless of how busy I am for these last two months before school holidays, I admit that it’s very hard to be apart and get separated from my needles and hook. As soon as I notice, new projects keeps coming >_<

5585603950_f366557b00_zPretty shawl, Remember Me by Lily Go can be purchased at this link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/remember-me

I have never seen such a beautiful shawl as this one and got drawn by its beauty. Feels very romantic right? oh I wish I can touch and feel the texture too…. I definitely love the lace, such a remarkable design. Also, the yarn used looks perfect and falls just nice. By the way it looks, I guess she used a cotton type of yarns. Unfortunately, the designer did not mention what yarn she was using. So, I just decided to hook it out by using cotton yarns. Lets see how it will turns out 😉 Arghh!! I feel so eager to complete them… oohh really I can’t wait to finish them all. Insya Allah.

By the way,
Last but not least, we have new yarns in store! Before I stop writing, I would like to promote you our new Oren Bayan collections and are now available for purchase at www.daknit.com. Check it out ya! 🙂

asdOren Bayan Diva, Favori and Star! Yummy as always 😀

I know I know.. yarns are hard to resist! Well.. well.. as for me, I’m a yarn addict too, so so, never ask me to stop buying yarns ok. Resistance is futile ^-^

Thank you for hopping by! See you all in the next entry 🙂

Mengapa -handmade- mahal?

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..

Agak lama saya tidak membuat sebarang update di blog ini. Singgah sekejap.. tutup.. belum ada idea apa yang nak dikongsi sama.

Tapi alhamdulillah hari ni saya mendapat sedikit idea hasil dari pencarian di internet, iaitu saya ingin berkongsi dengan semua peminat mengait, mengapa -handmade- mahal? hihi.. tajuk macam nak buat promosi pulak!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHasil knitting yang tak siap-siap lagi… huhu..

Saya bukanlah seorang penjual hasil kait yang aktif, tetapi saya sangat aktif dalam menghasilkan barangan kait. Kadang kala.. saya mengambil masa berminggu-minggu untuk siapkan hanya satu projek disebabkan kekangan masa dan terdapat lebih banyak hal lain yang perlu diutamakan. Namun begitu, saya sememangnya adalah seorang peminat mengait yang tegar dan mengait adalah merupakan hobi yang amat saya sayangi.

Oleh itu, sebagai peminat mengait yang tegar, saya cuba memahami masalah-masalah yang selalu dihadapi oleh mereka yang menjadikan hasil kait sebagai satu perniagaan sampingan/utama. Antara soalan yang kerap saya dengar dan terima dari sumber-sumber di internet dan juga saya sendiri ialah:

1. Kenapa mahal sangat? Tak boleh murahkah?

2. Berapa ya harganya? .. harganya sekian-sekian… *senyap…*

3. Saya nak macam ni, boleh? Berapa harga dia? Ok… saya akan bank in dan akan maklumkan nanti.. (sebulan kemudian… 3 bulan kemudian.. setahun kemudian…..) < — ini adalah salah satu sikap yang sangat tidak beretika di dalam urusan jual-beli. Nauzubillahiminzalik.. moga Allah lindungi kita dari bersikap sedemikian.

4. Benang mahal sangatlah… Benang murah tak adakah? Saya nak selesa dipakai.. bla..bla… (ni adalah salah satu soalan yang saya rasa macam agak susah juga nak jawab…)

5. Kenapa mahal? kalau saya beli di kedai saya boleh dapat murah lagi…. (oh Tuhanku… *palm on face*!)

Ok.. cukup dengan soalan-soalan di atas.. kalau nak tambah, nanti tak habis-habis saya menulis 😉 hehe.. just kidding!

Baiklah, berbalik kepada, mengapa -handmade- mahal?. Sebagai penjual, kita pasti akan menentukan kos pengeluaran dahulu (sambil ajar pelajar, saya pun turut belajar sama), iaitu,

a) kos bahan mentah,

b) kos upah,

c) kos overhed (jika ada),

Maka jumlah yang diperolehi dari ketiga-tiga kos ini adalah kos pengeluaran kita. Manakala sebagai pembeli pula, kita perlu pastikan “bajet” perbelanjaan tidak melebihi keperluan dan bijak dalam mengurus pembelian (utamakan yang utama dahulu)

Berikut adalah contoh kos pengeluaran di pihak penjual:

Barangan yang ingin ditempah: Baju Dewasa saiz L

Benang yang diperlukan: 8 buku benang (100gram/sebuku) = RM22/sebuku (guna benang import yang selesa)

Accessories tambahan: Butang (5 biji) = RM5.00/5 biji

Upah (kos upah mengait, ingat bahawa penjual adalah manusia dan memerlukan ruang masa yang terhad untuk mengait. Maka kiraan upah diambil mengikut jam): RM5/sejam. Tempoh menyiapkan ialah dalam masa seminggu (7 hari) dengan menggunakan 5 jam/sehari.

Kos overhed: TIADA

Maka jumlah keseluruhan ialah: RM22 x 8 + RM5.00 + RM25 x 7
Kos pengeluaran: RM356.00

Mengapa -handmade- mahal?

Ingin saya ketengahkan masalah utama yang selalu dihadapi oleh pihak penjual barangan kait ialah kebanyakkan pembeli kurang memahami istilah -handmade mahal-. Wujud sebahagian mereka yang menganggap, barangan kait ini amat mudah dihasilkan dan boleh disiapkan dalam waktu yang singkat. Apa yang menyedihkan lagi, mereka gemar membuat perbandingan harga/hasil yang dibuat di antara penjual A dan penjual B. Tetapi, tahukah anda, penjual A itu bukanlah orang yang sama dengan penjual B? Tahukah anda, tangan penjual A itu mungkin lebih kecil dari penjual B menyebabkan tangannya mungkin lebih memerlukan tenaga untuk mengait? Tahukah anda, penjual A tidak tidur malam untuk menyiapkan tempahan berbanding penjual B?


Setiap barang kait yang dihasilkan mempunyai nilai sentimental yang tidak sama di antara penghasil barang kait. Barangan dan kos mentah yang digunakan dalam menghasilkan barangan kait juga bukanlah sesuatu yang murah, apatah lagi jika anda sebagai pembeli inginkan keselesaan ketika memakai barangan hasil kait. Pada masa kini juga, pelbagai jenis benang kait yang dijual adalah dari jenis yang lebih selesa, berkualiti dan bermutu. Sebagai penjual barangan kait, kualiti dan keselesaan merupakan elemen yang amat dititikberatkan bagi memastikan pihak pembeli berpuas hati dengan hasil yang diterima. Oleh itu, bagi memastikan jual-beli mendapat kepuasan dikedua-dua pihak, pihak penjual dan pembeli perlulah berbincang dengan baik, mencari alternatif yang boleh memenuhi kehendak pembeli dan yang paling penting ialah pihak pembeli tidak menganggap yang pihak penjual itu adalah sebuah -mesin-. Ingatlah, penjual barangan kait itu menggunakan tenaganya 100% untuk menyiapkan tempahan anda.


Saya sangat bersyukur kepada Allah, kerana Allah memberikan saya peluang untuk memahami perasaan sebagai seorang penghasil barang kait. Saya juga gembira apabila melihat pasaran barangan kait juga semakin maju di Malaysia. Jikalau di negara luar, anda pasti teruja melihat betapa aktifnya wanita-wanita disana menghasilkan barangan kait dan mereka sangat-sangat menghargai hasil kait yang dibuat oleh tenaga manusia walau mahal sekalipun. Sebagai contoh, anda boleh lihat barangan handmade yang dijual di ETSY. Fikirkan..

Selain itu, antara perkara yang turut memberangsangkan saya ialah kini, benang-benang kait, jarum kait, accessories dan pelbagai lagi sudah begitu mudah didapati di pasaran seperti di kedai-kedai tempatan ataupun secara maya (online).

Kesimpulannya..jika anda merasakan hasil barangan kait yang dijual adalah mahal, bukankah lebih baik jika anda sendiri yang mengaitnya? 🙂 Percayalah, anda akan lebih menghargainya!


Disini ada beberapa tips yang ingin saya kongsikan, buat renungan saya sendiri dan juga anda sebagai pembeli. Jika anda berminat dengan hasil kait yang dijual di laman-laman penjual barangan kait, pastikan anda:

1. Terapkan di dalam minda anda bahawa barangan -handmade- memang mahal.

2. Benar-benar berminat dan mempunyai perbelanjaan yang sememangnya anda khaskan untuk membeli barangan kait tersebut. Jangan bertanya seolah-olah anda serius, namun anda tahu anda tidak mampu membayarnya. Ianya hanya akan mengecewakan si penjual dan menganggap anda hanyalah seorang STALKER dan tidak serius. Akhirnya, nama anda akan di BLOCK/BLACKLIST.

3. Tidak membuang masa si penjual dengan bertanyakan soalan tanpa memberi respon semula. Tunjukkanlah bahawa diri anda adalah seorang yang beretika. Katakan sahaja anda tidak jadi membelinya/menempah jika anda ingin batalkan niat anda. Jangan buat si penjual tertunggu-tunggu respon anda.

4. Tidak membandingkan harga di antara penjual A dan penjual B kerana tangan yang menghasilkannya adalah berbeza (sama macam memasak, setiap masakan punya rasa yang berbeza walaupun menunya sama!)

5. Benar-benar memahami kos pengeluaran yang terpaksa di tampung oleh penjual barangan kait sebelum membuat kesimpulan. Dan di pihak penjual, perlulah memohon deposit dahulu bagi menampung semula kos yang telah dibelanjakan bagi mengelakkan berlakunya tempah dan lari.

6. Tahu bahawa barangan kait yang dihasilkan oleh MESIN tidak sama dengan TENAGA MANUSIA.

Sekian, terima kasih 🙂

Mohon maaf jika ada tulisan saya terlalu berjela-jela. Saya cuma berharap agar artikel ni boleh membantu kita semua dalam menyelesaikan masalah -mengapa handmade mahal?-


Semoga bermanfaat untuk saya, awak dan mereka! 🙂



FREE Crochet Pattern: Emerald SET by Daknit.Com Design


The picture above is my daughter. She is modelling the latest hat design i did. ( please ignore the date on the picture cause i’ve written it wrong… Allah Allah….. it should be today, which is, 30 March 2013) and she is soon-to-be 8 months old, alhamdulillah to Allah <3

I was planning to do new design, an easy hat pattern again after the first one (Candy Hat). I’ve got inspired when I looked the workpiece (doily) by one of my student’s grandmother. I really love the stitch she used, so I decided to make one and turn into a hat with my own design, full modification. So, with full of confident, I can say that this is totally a new version! 🙂

So here is the pattern along with the booties pattern.



Pattern is FREE but PLEASE DO NOT POST it back, copy-paste or distribute in any form, and it is prohibited to do so.  You are only allowed to back-link this post. However, you can sell the item made from this pattern and take profits. If you use this pattern to sell/teach, please credit to Daknit.Com.


Skill: easy, crochet


3.50 mm crochet hook or 6/0 crochet hook. 6/0 = 3.50 mm.

4 ply yarn (here i am using Alize Sekerim Bebe Batik (self stripping yarn baby yarn) – Click to purchase)


Gauge: For this one, the hat size is for 7 month old to 1 year old size with my pattern.

Pattern stitch NOTE:

V-stitch (2dc in same space)
Shell (2dc, chain2, 2dc in same space)


hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet


Cast on 4 sts, slip stitch to join. (if you know how to do magic ring, you can replace it to magic ring)

Chain 3, make 14 hdc in same space/loop, until the last hdc, slip stitch on the first chain of chain 3. (you will work in a round now).


Row 1:

Chain 3 and do double crochet in the same stitch. *skip 1 hdc, 2 DC in next hdc* repeat * to * until before chain 3, slip stitch on the first chain of the chain 3. ( you will get 7 -V- stitch)

Next, – in this row you will have 7 shells

Row 2:

Slip stitch into the first space of V-stitch – (chain 3, dc, chain 2, make 2 dc) in same space. Then, do shell (please refer pattern stitch note above) in every space of V-stitch. You will get 7 shell, before chain 3, slip stitch on the first chain of the previous chain 3

Next, – in this row you will have 1 dc in between shells, 7 shells

Row 3:

Slip stitch on the next DC, slip stitch on space, (chain 3, dc, chain 2, make 2 dc) in same space, *chain 1, 1 hdc in between of two shells, chain 1, shell*  repeat from * to * until the last stitch, slip stitch on the first chain of chain 3.

Next, – in this row you will have 2 dc in between shells, 7 shells

Row 4:

Slip stitch on the next DC, slip stitch on space, (chain 3, dc, chain 2, make 2 dc) in same space, *chain 1, 1 dc in next space, chain 1, 1 dc in next space, chain 1, shell*  repeat from * to * until the last stitch, slip stitch on the first chain of chain 3.

Next, – in this row you will have 3 dc in between shells and 7 shells

Row 5:

Slip stitch on the next DC, slip stitch on space, (chain 3, dc, chain 2, make 2 dc) in same space, *chain 1, 1 dc in next space, chain 1, 1 dc in next space, chain 1, 1dc in next space, chain 1, shell* repeat from * to * until the last stitch, slip stitch on the first chain of chain 3.

Next, in this row you will have 4 dc in between shells and 7 shells

Row 6:

Slip stitch on the next DC, slip stitch on space, (chain 3, dc, chain 2, make 2 dc) in same space,, *chain 1, 1 dc in next space, chain 1, 1 dc in next space, chain 1, 1 dc in next space, chain 1, 1 dc in next space, chain 1, shell* repeat from * to * until the last stitch, slip stitch on the first chain of chain 3.

Next, in this row you will have 4 dc in between shells and 7 shells

Row 7:

Slip stitch on the next DC, slip stitch on space, (chain 3, dc, chain 2, make 2 dc) in same space, *chain 1, 1 dc in next dc, chain 1, 1 dc in next dc, chain 1, 1 dc in next dc, chain 1, 1 dc in next dc, chain 1, shell* repeat from * to * until the last stitch, slip stitch on the first chain of chain 3.

Repeat ROW 7 FOR 6 rounds more.


Next for last 2 rows (make 2 rows):

slip stitch on the next DC, slip stitch on space, (chain 3, dc, chain 2, make 2 dc) in same space, *skip 2 dc, shell in space, skip 2 dc, shell*. Repeat from * to * until the last stitch, slip stitch to join on the first chain of previous chain 3.


while playing around with this pattern, i accidentally found a nice edging which is very suit to this hat 🙂 so here it is:

LAST ROW: edited

Next for last 2 rows (make 2 rows):

ROW 1: slip stitch on the next DC, slip stitch on space, chain 3, dc, chain 2, 2 dc, *skip 2 dc, shell in space, skip 2 dc, shell*. Repeat from * to * until the last stitch, slip stitch to join on the first chain of previous chain 3.

ROW 2: slip stitch on the next DC, slip stitch on space, chain 3, make 5 dc, *single crochet between shell, make 6 dc in next space of shell* repeat from * to * until the last stitch, slip stitch, join.

Weave it off. Done!

You can try both and see which one will be your favourite! 🙂


First round:
Chain 21, hdc in next chain until the last chain, 3hdc, continue in round, hdc until the last chain, chain 2, slip stitch.

Second round:
Chain 3, DC in same stitch, dc until the last 3 hdc, make 2 dc in each hdc (as total, 2 dc in 1 hdc = 6 dc), continue in the round, dc until the last 2 hdc, 2 dc in each hdc (as total you have 2 dc in 1 hdc = 4 dc), slip stitch.

Third round:
Chain 3, DC in same stitch, dc until the last 6 dc, make 2 dc in each dc (as total, 2 dc in 1 dc = 12 dc), continue in the round, dc until the last 2 dc, 2 dc in each dc (as total you have 2 dc in 1 dc = 4 dc), slip stitch.

Fourth round:
Chain 3, DC in next stitch, DC until the last stitch, Slip Stitch.


Next round:

Chain 2, make hdc in next 14 sts, *DC in next stitch, skip 1 dc* repeat * to * until this DC has 14 DC, make hdc in next 14 sts, skip 1 dc, slip stitch.

Next round:

Chain 2, make hdc in next 14 sts, *decrease 2 DC using 1 HDC* thru all DC stitch, it will makes 7 hdc, make hdc in next 14 sts, slip stitch, weave it off.

Repeat all rows again for the second pair.

Enjoy! 🙂




Ok, huh.. writing a pattern is a bit tiring 🙂 heheh.. but i’m glad and happy to write down and record this pattern for future reference. If you accidentally found any mistakes in the pattern, please email me at sindarery@gmail.com. If you do not understand how to do the pattern, please also email me or find me at facebook.com/daknit and I will help you with the pattern. Insya Allah.

Have a nice weekend. May Allah swt bless us all.

7 January 2013 – :) Buku dan benang..

Assalamualaikum.. selamat malam, apa khabar semua? Saya doakan semoga tahun baru ini merupakan tahun yang lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun sebelumnya amin amin amin ya rabbal’alamin..  Pertama kali, saya ingin ucapkan terima kasih kerana anda masih sudi lagi bersinggah ke blog yang sudah pun bersawang ini.

2012 merupakan tahun yang mencabar dan memberikan kenangan manis buat saya 🙂 Ini kerana pada tahun 2012 saya bergelar sebagai seorang ibu. Sangat bermakna buat saya, masyaAllah.. dan saya berdoa semoga Allah menjadikan saya, suami, anak-anak dan keluarga semuanya dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman.. amin, amin amin ya rabbal’alamin..

Saya ingin  berkongsi aktiviti terbaru.. apa lagi kalau bukan mengait 🙂 yup.. mengait merupakan hobi yang sukar sekali dikikis.. duit pun terkikis olehnya hihihi.. tak adalah saya gurau aja 🙂

Hari ni, benang yang saya beli dua hari lalu, telah pun sampai dengan selamatnya alhamdulillah. Sejujurnya, saya sudah begitu lama ingin merasa kait benang ni 🙂 dan akhirnya, saya dapatkan juga 2 buku agar tidaklah kempunan merasa.. 🙂 jom tengok gambar..

Caron Simply Soft.. oh ya memang lembut! Suami saya pun kata – soft – 🙂 akhirnya merasa lah juga pegang benang ni.. warnanya pula mmg dah lama plan nak beli match seperti di gambar. insyaAllah akan cuba usahakan untuk di kait. Sayang benang kalau tak kait.. sebab itu, azam baru saya 2013, saya akan pastikan setiap benang yang dibeli akan digunakan sebaiknya… memang sayangggg sangat mau guna.. tetapi lagi sayang kalau tak kait 🙂 kalau kait nampak lagi hasilnya kan ? xD

Yapp… semalam saya print banyak pattern.. especially yang purchased punya.. minta tolong husband -binding-kan. Dan memang puas hati 🙂 Terima kasih canim!

Tabiat saya yang paaaling saya tidak suka ialah print dan simpan.. saya sangat suka print pattern.. apabila sudah dicetak, saya pasti akan simpan.. kemudian.. tidak lama selepas itu, bila nak cari semula.. entah ke mana perginya.. selalunya kertas-kertas ni akan hilang apabila saya mengemas rumah.

Maka azam baru 2013.. asal sahaja saya print, saya akan print banyak-banyak sekali dan akan terus bukukan.. Hihi.. husband ada belikan fail juga untuk simpan pattern-pattern yang telah dicetak.. saya tinggalkan di kedai untuk memudahkan pelanggan yang inginkan pattern.

Ini adalah di antara koleksi terbaru saya sepanjang 2012.. I love them all 🙂 Ada banyak pattern-pattern yang mudah untuk di kait.. dan semua buku ini adalah buku crochet.

Benang lagi! 🙂 Benang yang ditukar suka sama suka dengan kak Marlyna.. oh saya memang sukaaaa sangat dengan benang Uptown Universal.. sangat lembut.. ingat tak pada entri sebelum ni, saya pernah kongsikan gambar benang dari jenama yang sama?

Saya jatuh hati sangat-sangat dengan benang ni.. bila di kait, feelnya seakan-akan mengait benang Alize Sekerim Bebe Batik 🙂  Setelah itu, saya mencari lagi di tempat yang selalu saya beli tetapi dah tak ada.. alhamdulillah akhirnya dapat juga even sebuku 🙂 Yang Red Heart itu pun benang baby dan sangat lembut sekali.. kedua-dua jenis benang ini ialah benang USA. Saya masih memikirkan projek yang sesuai dikait menggunakan benang di atas..hihi tapi tahu tak anda? Kebanyakkan benang-benang import USA adalah benang Made in Turkey 😉

Made in Turkey, and yes, I love Turkish Yarns so much <3 You should have a try too 😉

Alhamdulillah.. selesai menulis blog hari ni.. mata saya pun dah tertutup separuh.. esok nak kerja.. jadi elok tidur awal sikit 🙂

Oh ya.. sebelum saya mengundur diri.. agak terkejut melihat visitor hari ini.

wahh.. siapakah gerangan yang sudi melawat Da’Knit sehingga 2365 visits? hihihi.. Bot google kot 😛
Selamat malam semua.. semoga malam ni anda bermimpi yang indah, insyaAllah..
Apa-apa pun, thank you so much for dropping by…

May Allah swt bless us all..amin.

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My Flowery Hat – Trial and error.. :)

Alhamdulillah.. after being inspired by lots of flower hats I saw in the internet, I decided to make one for myself.. and yes! I did it 🙂 Simple yet cute i think lol..  Things that really catch my eyes is the flower with 3 layers that I just crochet without a pattern, and can’t believe it worked!

I love the flower.. the blue colour was a good choice and I really think it does makes the combination of the colour look sweet. (Correct me if i am wrong ya!)

I am planning to make more of this. More to baby size so  that I can put more stuffs in the shop hihi.. I am using 4 colours from the Nako Baby Luks Minnos yarns. One thing for sure, I’m going to collect more of these yarns again with bonus of adding more colours in my collection. Besides, plain colours are perfect for designing your own project  and now I understand why knitters/crocheters always prefer plain colours when starting a project. hence..  we will bring more plain colours soon in store, insyaAllah.. may Allah swt make it easier for all of us.. amin amin amin ya rabbal’alamin. <3

Thank you for hopping by!

Nako & AliZE Yarns.. insyaAllah more to come soon

Alize Sekerim Bebe Batik Yarns

Code from left: 2132, 2636, 3066, 3044

Alize Sekerim Bebe Batik Yarns

Code from left: 2604, 2483, 3476, 3482

Alize Sekerim Bebe Batik Yarns

Code from left: 3067, 2131, 2126

Alize Sekerim Bebe Batik Yarns

Code from left: 3045, 3481, 2135, 3479

Alize Sekerim Junior 4-12

Code from left: 3420, 702, 706, 601

Alize Sekerim Desenli 0-4

Code from left: 502, 504, 501, 505

Alize Superlana Klasik Batik Yarns

Code from left: 3485, 3366, 3356,3161, 2971

Nako Baby Lollipop Yarns

Code from left: 80433, 80438, 80532, 80576

We are selling to Malaysia and WORLDWIDE. Contact us at sindarery@gmail.com or turkishyarns@gmail.com for details and information. We also sell by package (1 package contain 5 balls). Thank you 🙂
May Allah swt bless us all.

Sorry for no updates.

Salam everyone, salam to all my friends and good morning!

I know that it has been a while i did not post anything new, since, I guess, last month ago. First of all, my blog encountered problems, where i can not attach any media type files at all, such as pictures, videos etc.. ahhh.. anyone knows the way to fix? if yes, please do inform me. I really need help here! 🙁

Alright, lets go to =what i’ve been up to lately=

InsyaAllah, more yarns are coming soon in our store (www.daknit.com) with lots of colour to choose. We will be so much feeling appreciate if you could tell us what yarns that you are looking for 🙂 it will helps us a lot to find what you need. You can contact us at sindarery@gmail.com. (you can always visit our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/daknit. We always updates new things here! Like us and put us under your news feed so you won’t miss any updates from us ya 🙂 )

Secondly, lately, we’ve been talking among family about opening our shop to worldwide. Absolutely, another one big step and we will do our best and and search for a satisfied solution so that everyone can own all these lovely yarns easily, insyaAllah. Worldwide yarn lovers who is searching for Turkish Yarns such as Nako, Alize, Oren Bayan, Altin Basak, Moda, and anything that relates, please do not hesitate to contact us at turkishyarns@gmail.com. We are now shipping worldwide <3

Next, these pass few months I’ve been active with my hook and needles. Unfortunately, I can not share you the pictures so please, do come by to our facebook page (Da’Knit FAN PAGE) to view our albums contain with lots of yarns and new handmade with love 🙂

Thank you so much for hopping by! Hope I can fix the problem asap.

May Allah swt bless us all <3