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Cara Membuat Pembelian di (Step by Step Guide)

Sila rujuk tutorial ini untuk melihat cara pembelian melalui kedai online kami di

Sebarang masalah/pertanyaan, sila hantarkan ke ataupun whatsapp ke 0178168070.

NOTA PENTING: Sebarang pembelian tidak akan dilayan jika tidak mempunyai bukti RESIT PEMBELIAN. Setiap pembelian akan di proses dalam tempoh 1-2 hari apabila pembayaran lengkap diterima ke akaun kami. PEMBAYARAN PERLU DISELESAIKAN dalam masa 3 hari selepas order di hantar. Sebarang pembelian tanpa pembayaran melebihi 3 hari akan terbatal secara automatik.

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LANGKAH AKHIR:8Terima kasih membeli – belah dengan kami! <3


Free Crochet Pattern: My first owlie pouch!


My first owlie pouch!

**Pattern and all pictures are copyrighted. No resell, no distribution in any forms. All rights reserved by Daknit.Com (please share the link only). You can sell the item made from this pattern for profits but not commercially*

3.00 mm & 4.00 mm crochet hook
NAKO BABY LUKS MINNOS (2 colour of your choice)
White and orange yarns colour
or any DK yarns/10 ply
(Yarns available at for purchase)

2 x Buttons of your choice ( I use black colour for the eyes)
Scissor to cut
Sewing needle and thread to sew buttons
Yarn blunt needle

Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet
Sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together (decrease)
Ss = slip stitch
Hdc = half double crochet
Hdc2tog = half double crochet 2 stitches together (decrease)
Sts = stitches
St = stitch

Gauge: For this pouch, gauge is not crucial. Different weight of yarns will produce different size of this pouch.

1. Always slip stitch on first chain of chain 1/2/3.
2. Marker is necessary if you need to mark your start.
3. For CRAB STITCH tutorial CLiCK HERE.


Instructions (crochet- in – the round from bottom):
With colour A, Chain 4 Sts. Slip stitch to join round.

Round 1: ch 2, 12hdc in loop. Ss in first hdc. (12 stitches)

Round 2: ch2, hdc in same st, 2hdc in next 11 Sts. Ss. (24 stitches)

Round 3: ch2, hdc in same sts, hdc in next sts, *2hdc in next sts, hdc in next sts* repeat from * to * till end of round. Ss (35 Sts + ch2)

Round 4: ch2, hdc in same sts, hdc in next 2sts, *2hdc in next sts, hdc in 2next sts* repeat from * to * till end of round. Ss. (47 Sts + ch2 stitches)

Round 5 – 13: ch2, hdc in next 47 Sts. Ss. (47 Sts + ch2 stitches)

Round 14 (decrease): ch2, *, hdc in next sts, hdc2tog in next 2 sts, hdc in next sts, * repeat from * to * till end. (35 sts + ch2)
Change to colour B, join yarn B as shown in picture below:

Round 15 -20: ch2, hdc in next 35 Sts. Ss. (35 Sts + ch2)

10169340_271067866409037_5517938702465507521_nChange to colour B

Finishing ( here, it’s an optional either you want to crochet the last row with sc or crab stitch) Photo is using crab stitch.

Last round (choose either one option) :

Opt 1: ch2, sc in every Sts. Ss. (35 Sts + ch2)

Opt 2: ch 2, crab stitch in every Sts, Ss. (35 Sts + ch2) (Slip stitch from inside – see photo below)

Make two eyes (white yarn) – Refer photo below:

With white yarn,

Ch4, join by slip stitch to make round.

Round 1: Ch2, 10 hdc in loop, ss in first hdc.

Round 2: Ch3, dc in same stitch, 2dc in next 9 sts. Ss.

10390427_271067816409042_2018341952977647330_nCut yarn, weave in tidy.

Using 3.00mm hook, With orange yarn,

Row 1: Chain 6, sc in 5th chain and sc in next 4ch, ch1, turn (5 sts)
Row 2: sc in every next 5 sts, ch1, turn
Row 3: Sc2tog in next 2 sts, sc in next st, sc2tog in next 2 sts, ch1, turn (3sts)
Row 4: sc in every next 3 sts, ch1, turn
Row 5: sc3tog in next sts. Cast off.

Cut yarn, weave in tidy.983673_271067803075710_5000400239654715791_nAttaching nose and eyes:

Now, using sewing needles and thread, sew button on each eyes you just made. Then sew it together on the pouch (between the colour A and B). After that, attach the nose between the eyes and sew it tightly.

Handle (Strap):
Ch6, sc in 5th chain, sc in next 4 ch, ch3, turn

Row 1: Dc in next 4 sts, ch3, turn. Repeat row 1 until your desired length. Approximately about 15-20 cm.

1613866_271067733075717_6924024480713901607_n 10308359_271067773075713_2285304386813350044_n

Attaching strap:
Attach the strap from inside using blunt yarn needle and yarn Colour B (or you can just sew on using normal sewing needles. Refer picture above.




After that, tada, done! 🙂

Last but not least, thank you for trying out my pattern. This pattern is very simple, once you do, it will be so addictive to make more! 🙂

Please and do share your project using this pattern with me at my Ravelry = Snowhitery. Let me know how you think! You can also put flowers, button or ribbons to make it looks cuter! Let your imagination run wild <3

Note: Please contact me if you found any error with this pattern. I am not responsible for the result you gain by using my pattern if you knit with different yarns. Thank you for trying out this design!  Do share with me your project using this pattern. Pattern is copyrighted.

Designed/Written by,















Why we love Nako yarns?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABesides having them in our store suchs as Alize, Oren Bayan, Ice, Kartopu, Papatya and just to name a few, we love Nako too! Why we chose Nako? Nako have been inside the industry for more than 50 years! Quality is our mission and nothing is more important than to serve our customers with quality products! Your trust is our priority. We’ll strive our best to serve you better from time to time Thank you for everyone’s support.

Who is NAKO?
Nako ?plik Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.?. was established in 1962. It is a leading company in hand knitting yarn sector.
Nako is produced in ORMO plants which own the world’s state of art production systems and which has the largest capacity among the similar companies under the same roof in hand knitting yarn sector. Nako presents the market over 40 kinds of hand knitting yarn, appealing to all kind of taste and touch.

ORMO YÜN ?PL?K A.?. ( which has proved it reputability, innovation and creativeness in Turkey and the world market, is proud to become integrated with the trade mark NAKO in Turkey as a result of its success in following the global trends and its developed know-how experience in hand knitting yarn sector.

Nako, with its product range constituted by stylish texture and colors, is the Turkish ladies’ favorite since many years.

Our consumers’ satisfaction of the below has enabled Nako to remain at the top of the list;
• Unchangeable top quality of Nako products,
• Sustainability and richness of Nako colors
• Being able to use the knitted products of Nako for long years without any outwear and with the same softness and texture.

Da’Knit ENT

Lovely Vintage Pink Baby Socks.. sooo sweet :D

Salam everyone,

My first time learning to knit socks was about 3 years ago (

Since I am not that fond of sock knitting, so I never complete the second pair when I start making one (That’s a 2nd syndrome sock) :*(

Anyway, one of my dear customer just recently having a grandchild and it’s a girl! 🙂 So I decided to knit something for a gift. After confirmed which yarns I want to use, then I start knitting it using a pattern I found in the Ravelry. Oh believe me, it’s very easy  (ooh yes, so easy that I even memorize it!)

The pattern is knitted with Double Pointed Needles, but since I am hard-core circular user, so I knit with 4.00mm x 100 cm circular. So perfect!

And now, it’s time for me to show you the result I gain yesterday 🙂

1604648_677224425634405_1446084926_nBaby Socks! 🙂 (And few of my friends said it looks vintage! So I called it Lovely Vintage Pink)

And I am using…. :

1354781978Nako Baby Luks Minnos 23069

So my review after knitting socks with this yarn, the result is very satisfying. Even this is not a superwash wool/sock yarns, however, the texture is very very soft for a baby. After worn and washed, the socks still stay in shape too. I really recommend this yarn for your baby project (Yarn is available at (category: Nako Baby Luks Minnos)


Enough for today. I’ll be in touch again soon <3
Assalamualaikum, may Allah swt bless us all.