Da'Knit Crochet Dress Contest 2015

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** Sila baca ARAHAN dan SYARAT pertandingan seperti yang tertera pada gambar di atas/sebelah.

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Giveaway Contest!

Assalamualaikum and good morning to all Knitters and visitors of Da’Knit 🙂

Let us together pray to Allah swt that today and the coming days will be better and better for all of us.

Here..  Da’Knit once again would like to make a Giveaway Contest which the price will be worth to grab and win! Which are…. tada! ADDI Premium Needles!

You will win 2 PAIRS (2 pasang jarum circular ADDI ) of ADDI PREMIUM Needles.. isn’t it cool?!

ADDI needles are considered the gold standard of knitting needles by many knitters. The metal needle is smooth and makes it possible to knit much faster. The stitches pass easily over the needles and the cable, including over the join.

Never heard of ADDI? Click here to see why ADDI is one of the best and most favorable Knitting Needles in the world!

Hehehe… enough of ADDi… ok! So lets move to the terms and condition of this contest.

1. All contestants must be KNITTERS only.. doesn’t matter if you are just beginner.. intermediate or advanced Knitter as long as your passion is toward KNITTING!

2. All contestants must be registered in DA’KNIT FORUM because Da’Knit will post the PATTERN that you need to KNIT for this contest inside there.

3. Either you are a blogger or just a silent reader, you are welcomed to join! 🙂

4. Rules are posted in DA’KNIT FORUM so come..  join us and win this exclusive needles!

5. ClOSE DATE: 30 March 2011

Happy joining and Knitting guys wish you all the best!