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Emerald Dress W.I.P and done! :)

Hello everyone,
Here is my latest project done using our Bon Bon Luks yarns. I love it so much! Let’s have a look.

10363636_866601143363398_3085318361054211734_n DSCF3644 DSCF3650 DSCF3659BUY AT//DETAILS AT:…

Mixture (Materials) : 100% Acrylic
Yarn Length : 100.00 g
Label Weight : 240.00 m
Related Needle Sizes : 4, 4.5
Related Crochet Sizes : 2
Season : Winter, Autumn
Possible projects : All kind of garments
Stitch Info : 10×10 cm measure, 21 rows 16 Stitches

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NAKO & Turkish yarns supplier

Dress oh dress..

553593_614598941896954_1442272833_nFor the passed 3 days, I’ve been working with my new pattern. I really need to have at least few knitted dress in my pattern collections therefore the first thing I do is measuring one of my daughter’s dress as a sample before I begin.

I used Ice Magic Baby. Knitting with trial and error. Getting the right gauge, pointing down all the important calculations as I knit. So far, it goes well I can’t promise to show the result of my dress today, but hopefully I can complete it within next week.

The pattern will be available for purchase. oh yes, insya Allah i will also include photos tutorial for easy reference.

so, wish me luck and my hope is to encourage more newbies knitter to advance their knitting skill with this new pattern and tutorial.

P/S: I also need one person who can help me by being my pattern tester. Please inbox us for further details. Pattern tester must be committed with giving us full feedback, honest comment and suggestions. The advantage of being my pattern tester is you will:

1. Recieve the pattern for free
2. Recieve a ball of yarn for this project for free.

More baby dress dan tempahan dibuka :)

1010200_573467676010081_1408188188_nAssalamualaikum dan selamat petang! 🙂
Sesiapa yang berminat untuk membuat tempahan baby dress/topi/blanket/booties untuk raya nanti, boleh inbox kami atau email kami di
Benang-benang yang digunakan adalah benang yang berkualiti dan sesuai untuk semua lapisan umur. Bagi yang berminat untuk membuat tempahan, jika anda ada design yang spesifik, sila kemukakan bersama contoh yang diinginkan. Terima kasih!
Ery Yusof@Daknit.Com (RAMADHAN SALE at until 11 JULY 2013)

Emerald Summer Dress in Ravelry -UPDATED


Assalamualaikum and Afternoon

Alhamdulillah upon request, I have finally decided to write down this pattern and now available for PURCHASE at my Ravelry Store.
The explanation is quite long but still I hope it can be understandable. I used USA Crochet terms and suitable for Advanced Beginner and up. I got inspired writing this pattern and create this design after joining a contest done by one of my FB acquaintance. Thank you

Feel free to drop me a comment or suggestion towards my pattern. Have a nice day getting hooked!!


Alhamdulillah, I’m very happy to receive positive feedback from one of my pattern tester. Now you can have more confident in purchasing my pattern anytime anywhere ?

My Baby Emerald Summer Dress can be purchased thru this link in USD currency:

Review of my first dress pattern-design can be found here:
To customers who would like to purchase in MYR currency, please inbox me. Price is RM15.00. If you use my design and sell the finished item, please credit to Snowhitery@Ravelry. Thank you 🙂

best wishes,
Retailer & Wholesaler

Get to know us! :)

Selamat datang! Thank you for hopping by to my blog 🙂 Let’s have some introduction.

Who are you, Da’Knit?

Hi 🙂 My name is Er or some people call me as Ery. And few called me as Sindar/Sindarery. I am a teacher. I love teaching but also I love doing business.

How did you get the name of Da’Knit/Sindarery?

Oh well..  to be frank, i have no skill in making a good name and that’s why, I have trouble to find one! Therefore, most of the good names were taken. This is why, coming from nowhere, I came out with Da’Knit, that I thought it would be easy to pronounce and remember, where Da stand for The and Knit is for Knit. Easy, right? 🙂

How about Sindarery?

Sindarery is my pen name. Do you know a game name Suikoden? Sindar is a place that comes from this game. Suikoden is my legend. While Ery is a nickname that I used when I do not want to reveal my real name to someone new. So, long story short, one day, I asked my very very good friend who is now turn to be my husband, to help me create a new email which I don’t remember the reason why, so he came up with the name of Sindarery and created this name. Tada!! As a result, I love the combination 🙂

Single or married?

When I first creating this blog, I was single, but on Sept 2011, I got married with a Turkish gentleman from Turkey. I met my husband on the early of 2007. And now we are living in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. How do we met? Well.. let’s keep it as a secret 😉

Do you have kids?
Alhamdulillah, I have a daughter and I love her as much as I love my husband. She born on 2011 during Ramadan 🙂 It is a blessed!

What is this blog about?

I created this blog for the passion I have towards knitting and crochet. I learnt to knit at the end of 2009, and created this blog on May 2010. I also learnt to crochet after I saw lots of beautiful stuffs made by crochet. I love both knitting and crochet equally. My husband was the one who suggest me to fill in my free time with something during the long school holiday. So I decided to start learning knitting.

Do you have a store?

Yep, we do have a store. I am the founder of Da’Knit, and slowly starting this small business by selling my extra yarns that I have just so I can share my hobby with someone else. And I still remember my very first customer 🙂 Not long after, we started to take serious step by becoming an Ice Yarn authorized reseller on 27 August 2011, and built Daknit.Com not long after that.  We are now running the small-business as a family, managed by my husband and my mother. Most of the times I am the person who is in charge of Customer Service 🙂 Because I love talking with new people and get to meet many good people among.

What is your web-store?

Our wholesale yarn shop:

Our retail yarn and tools shop: (Da’Knit ENTERPRISE (0000105122-T))

We are aiming to be one of the best knitting and yarn store in Malaysia also Worldwide, providing a competitive and reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy the quality of the products we bring to Malaysia. In addition, with the experience and a strong background of business family (from my husband’s and my mother’s side) we will make sure to do our best for 100% satisfaction guarantee, warm reply and a friendly service. So please have a trust on us!

How do we get connected with you?

With the technology we have nowadays, everyone can be easily reached with no hassle 🙂 and so are we. We have a Facebook Page account, please feel free to hop by anytime at our page

Thank you for willing to give your time reading this post and thank you for everyone’s support, especially to our dear regular customers 🙂 Without you, there is no Da’Knit!

May Allah swt bless us all.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting everyone!

New project, and new yarns in shop!


A very quick update for today 🙂

What is my latest completed project?

Hihihi.. I knitted a dress and crocheted a hat and booties for my daughter. Alhamdulillah, it fits her very nicely. Using only one ball of Alize Sekerim Batik 3067, I am definitely going to make another set later.

What is my work in progress at the moment?

This is going to be a vest soon. Really, I am so excited to see the result. This yarn is really nice to work with using Alize Sekerim Junior. Definitely going to buy again soon!

What is my new yarn collections?

Alhamdulillah.. finally this baby Nako Hosgeldin is now in my collection. Still thinking what will I do with this. Blanket?  A baby set? Sweater? Cardigan? hmmm..

What is new in our shop?

Alhamdulillah.. Baby Nako Lollipop is now available to purchase@  Any questions, inquiries, hesitations, etc.. please do not hesitate to contact us via Message Button or email us at

May Allah swt bless us all.
Have a great day everyone!

Flower Butterfly Knitted Ruffle Hat :D

Alhamdulillah.. akhirnya siap juga topi ruffle hat ni.. menggunakan benang magic baby dan button yang cute mute boeh di dapati di 🙂

Saya menggunakan jarum bersaiz 4mm ketika mengait topi ni. Mengambil masa lebih kurang seminggu lebih siap sebab banyak sangat kerja kat sekolah 🙁 sampai tak ada masa nak mengait huhu.. bawa ja p sekolah hari hari tapi kaitnya huhu.. no time lah!

This ruffle hat made for 1-4 years old girl. The pastel colour is very sweet isn’it? I was thinking to pair it up with booties, well lets see if i’m going to make one but really can’t promise myself too. Lots of things need to handle everyday.. that somehow it reminds me my old free time before 🙁 oh.. miss it!

Percubaan mengait crocodile stitch 🙂

Thank you for hopping  by! 🙂

May Allah swt bless us all.