My Slow WIP is 50% done! – and my new ADDi :D

This is my latest WIP, I’m really working on it very slow.. but I just love how the colour turns out nicely.. and most of all, this yarn is really soft 😀 love love love playing with the texture!

The original pattern can be found here: But i did some modification on the collar part (trial and error also to be frank, I got bored to keep making button holes) so so.. by using three-bind-off needles, yay! It turns out just like how I want it to be 🙂 Hopefully I can at least complete the body part today.

Last week, I received my new needles, oh Allah I am very happy 😀 This set was really a bargain. All the needles are 40 inch length!! (100cm).

Ok.. that’s all for today 🙂

Thank you for hopping by and have a pleasant weekend!

May Allah swt bless us all.

First done.. second VestO to go!

Alhamdulillah… after almost 2 weeks.. I finally done with my first vest requested by Kak Natasha 😀 ( I did my best to gain a correct gauge for 2 years old baby boy.. hopefully this will fit on him! 🙂 . Thank you for trusting me in this! )  insyaAllah..

As you see.. this is a mix of knitting & crochet.. At first, I referred to a pattern since this is my first time making a vest.. but then I started to ignore and just followed my heart..  knit and knit and knit.. and crochet! and heya! done!

Alhamdulillah.. I’m glad that I enjoyed both knitting and crochet. Both have their own advantages ( i prefer not to look at the disadvantages as both are special) xD

Using Magic Merino.. this is how it turns out.. awesome colour for a baby boy, don’t you think so?! Well.. let’s start with second vest now 🙂

All the best for everyone!

May Allah swt bless us all..

Thank you for hopping by!