Crocheted Sunny Hat :)


Alhamdulillah kali ini dapat update projek baru 🙂

At first, I wanted to crochet another Bucket Hat like previous. However, I keep losing the track of the pattern and keep counting the stitches wrong so………..  I gave up and started to crochet just like how I feel is right 😛

Ah, actually this is one of another tempahan requested by my colleague. She wanted me to make another sunny hat for her daughter.. so.. this time I decided to crochet and not to knit (cause i was thinking she just wanted it to be in same shape and not exactly follow the pattern as how previous one)  So after done, it turns out like this!:

Tada! What do you think?

Huhu.. however.. I feel kinda disappointed.. She actually wanted a Knit Version and not Crochet… Annddd… exactly as Sunny Hat! Aaahhoo…

Wahh.. so I need to redo again 🙁

lesson learnt: Need to ask if they want a Knitting version or Crochet version! And don’t do as how you like hahaha…

All the best for myself.

Annndd special thank you to all Da’Knit Friends and Visitors…. this flower is for you 🙂

This pinky flower is crocheted by my mom 🙂

Thank you for hopping by!

May Allah bless us all, always.