My Baby Helena :)

Alhamdulillah.. finally I’m done with this!

Yay! Huhhh.. this took really long weeks to finish..

I did changed few part of the pattern, so it will gives more girlish look 😛

This sweater is my second baby raglan. Still need to improve more really.  Most important thing is, my colleague loves this and I learnt a lot more and more about knitting a sweater.

I’m very excited! Just too bad that my iron steam broke just when I really need it 🙁

So I couldn’t do any blocking even there is a traditional way..

So now, I can start with new sweater project for other babies 😀

Thankfully I have extra needles so I can start to knit 2 at once! Let’s see if i can take the challenge xD


Thank you for hopping by!

May Allah swt bless us all 🙂