Benang Kait : Cashmere Yarn

What is Cashmere Yarn?

Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fiber obtained from Cashmere and other goats. The word cashmere derives from an old spelling of Kashmir.

It is no small wonder that cashmere is one of the most precious and prized commodities in the world. It comes from the downy underfleece of the cashmere goat which makes its home in the highest and most inhospitable plateaux of Mongolia and Xinjiang. Each year one goat produces a meagre 4.5 oz of under fleece, which is painstakingly combed out every spring by nomadic herdsmen. It takes the hair of one goat to make a scarf, two or three for a jumper depending on the weight; 60% of each fleece is discarded. However, it is what happens next that makes the difference between run-of-the-mill and quality cashmere.

Cashmere wool is fine in texture, and it is also strong, light, and soft fibers. When it is made into garments, they are extremely warm to wear. It is noted as providing a natural light-weight insulation without bulk. Fibers are highly adaptable and are easily spun into fine or thick yarns, and light to heavy-weight fabrics. The original undyed or natural colors of cashmere wool are various shades of grey, brown and white.

Adapted from Wikipedia.Com

Price Per Lot :    RM65.40/0.300 kg.Each package (1 lot ada 10 benang kait)
Category :    Home Page > Alpaca – Cashmere – Silk > Cashmere
Color :    Light Pink, Yellow
Weight :    30 gr. Ruffly. 300 gr. Each package
Length :    75 m. Ruffly. 750 m. Each package
Fiber Content :    100% Cashmere
Needle Size :    4 mm / US 6
Washing Insruction :    Hand Wash at 30ºC / 86ºF, lay flat to dry.

Look so so soft right? 🙂

(1 lot 10 skeins)

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