Hari ini..sedikit updated

Hari ini saya mesti buat satu projek Hat! Lepas siap kerja sikit 🙂 InsyaAllah.. good luck for me!

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan untuk resepi mengait topi:

1. Magic Yarn Kardoku Brown Shades (Yarn ini boleh didapati di YarnsOnlineShop.Com kami 🙂 )

2. Double pointed needles 4.00mm

3. Circular needles 4.00mm x 40cm

4. Stitch Marker

From upper view.. I am using 4 markers to make sure I wont lose stitches when making decreasing.

This is the front view 🙂 InsyaAllah..  I will finish it as soon as possible. Can’t wait to see the outcome.

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