Crochet: Box Cozy

Have you ever thought…

what to do to make your naked box looks good in the eyes?

Hihi.. just crochet a cozy and let your box wear its new cloth  😀 This is another crochet project by my mom. The idea of pattern was taken from the tissue box cozy that she made before. Actually this is not yet complete. I will update with the complete cozy soon after she done with it. This made from the Lycra Cotton yarn that I bought from Yarnsonlineshop.Com last month. Seems it worth now as my mom knows how to crochet :p !

Look from up! These are all my buttons collection that mostly are used by my mom for her projects. As for me,  I am not good with buttons  lol

One thing I learnt today is, when you use different yarns to same project,  it will bring you a different look and feel of texture.

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    1. hihi.. tu lah Yan.. skrg ni mmg sdg belajar yg basic dulu.. huhu.. rasa lambat.. tapi mmg kena byk sabar. InsyaAllah, doakan akak supaya cepat belajar ya! 🙂

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