Free Crochet Patterns : More Amigurumi(s) :)

Alhamdulillah even I am very busy lately and I couldn’t make any posts of my project but insyaAllah.. when I’m done with them, I will start to update my project. So this is a quick post to share another new amigurumi patterns I found from Japan knit site


I only pick which I think looks cute and which that I will put in my to-do-list project that is coming soon loL. For pictures copyright, all pictures are credited to http://Rakuten.Co.Jp.

So.. here we go!

Link for Pattern : Click Here!

Note: All patterns are in Japanese Chart (PDF)

Pattern Link : Click Here!

Note: All patterns are in Japanese Chart (PDF)

Kalau teman semua telah berjaya mengait pattern ini, mari kongsi di FORUM kami k? Show them offย  so everyone knows of how creative you are!


May Allah swt bless us all!

Disclaimer: this is not my pattern and this pattern is for personal use only

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