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Alhamdulillah.. finally I’ve had enough of free times to concentrate on my delayed projects. InsyaAllah.. I will do my best to finish them all and wish me luck k!

Yesterday, I bought some Sakura Yarns (for new project) and luckily, I found the Simply Knitting Magazine (which I’ve always had my eyes on this magazine all along).. huhu.. I was looking for the issue where you can get free gift of stitch markers, gauge ruler, stitch holder, row counter in a pack.. aaahh.. but  I must have missed it.  So.. this one doesn’t have any free tools but instead, you get one free book pattern hihi.. although it is for Christmas (I don’t celebrate christmas) but the patterns inside the book just simply amazing 🙂

2 books in 1 packet with reasonable price, is really the best! hihihi…

Patterns that you can try! Anyone interested, you can find them in any Bookstores I guess. This magazine I bought at Popular bookstore (or you can also find this in Harris Bookstore )

Meanwhile, I started with another new project and honestly, I really have few other projects that are still on progress. What is this? hihi.. stay tune k? I’m very excited with this new project and will not delay it. So, I will finish this as soon as possible, just couldn’t wait to see the outcome of this pattern.

For this project, I use circular needle of 2.75 mm x 80 cm size, and Benang Kait Sakura (40gm).

The first progress .. 🙂

( if anyone interested with buying Benang Kait Sakura, feel free to contact me at ok  )

This is a little update from Da’Knit.

Thanks for hopping by! Assalamualaikum..

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