My first Knit Top

Alhamdulillah.. akhirnya dalam masa sebulan my Knit Top finally finish.. huhu…. lamanya.. dah siap juga akhirnya knit top saya.. actually it can be done in one week.. but.. 😛

I used my circular needles ADDI of 4.00 mm x 80 cm, and two and a half ball of Gonca Yarn from Yarnsonlineshop.Com. Though this yarn made from acrylic, but this yarn sure give you some warm when you need and it has weight too when you finish knitting it. Anndd… it is just soft and fit very well for any wearable knitted clothes.

This is the neck part.. picking up stitches is easy when you know how to do it.. there are some ways and technique you can use to pick up stitches neatly.. Here I am using 3 x 3 Rib to complete the neck part..

Here is the sleeve which I used Moss Stitch.. Actually the real pattern is garter stitch however I changed a bit from the real pattern and it looks good with this moss..

Hihi.. My Model again 🙂 Thanks Lil Sis.. here actually I am not done with the sleeve yet.. however seems it is not that much obvious is it? hihi… actually this is the size of an adult.. the biggest size .. but seems it fits good with my lil sister..  (pardon me for the blue tank hehe..)

InsyaAllah.. next time I will share the pattern.. this is very very easy for any beginner just like me who wants to advance their skill and move up to the next level..  What you need to know is just how to sew seam, doing ribbing and stockinette stitch.. and the most important part is to know the Gauge so it can fit to you perfectly! 😉

Thank you for hopping by and May Allah swt be with us all the time.. insyaAllah

10 Replies to “My first Knit Top”

    1. Hihi… thanks Yuu.. ni pun masih banyak mau diperbetulkan lagi especially sew seam ni…. hehe.. byk projek tengah tunggu giliran ni….

    1. Hihi..terima kasih kak Natasha.. InysaAllah.. nanti saya share patternnya 🙂 kak Natasha pun boleh buat ni… confirm!

    1. Salam kak Nor 🙂

      wah.. terima kasih kak Nor hihi.. ni pun banyak yang perlu diperbaiki lagi.. kak Nor pun kait baju juga ka? hihi.. mau tengok, boleh? 😛

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