Sneakpeek: Cardigan & Crocheted Hat

While I was looking for some nice patterns to try.. wahh.. I found this nice cardigan which is simply beautiful and gives nice feelings when you look at it ( : o )

I always like simple one but yet beautiful just as like as this one..   Can you imagine yourself wearing this hehe.. and the best part is that this cardigan knitted by you?… huhuhu… it musn’t be hard to imagine how it feels hahah because I can say it is just simply amazing!  This pattern, I found at the and available for download  for only $4.99.

Another one for this lovely crocheted hat.. looks soooo romantic for this little girl 🙂

If I knew crochet as much as knitting, I am sure I will try this patten too. If any of you feel interested to have this.. you can purchase this pattern at

Both pattern above are designed by Beth Ann Beck.

Sneak peek for today! 🙂

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