Knitting to Felt?

Ei.. knitting to felt? hehe… yesterday of yesterday… I bought this FELT KIT from DAiSO. Honestly.. I am failed in bab-bab menjahit.. And I really hate to play with scissor and cut-cut things…  However.. I’ve been looking around a lot at SUS nd FELT PRODUCT website.. Oh momy.. I really really do fall in love with her felt crafts art… They totally look sooooo cuteeeee!!! and kawaiiii… I admired her needle work.. they are just so tidy and neat..  and the cutting is so perfect! ( for me..)

So.. a little bit of influence.. I decided to try at least once in a life time to do this felt craft.. Then I remember that DAiSO have this simple KIT to start felt.. that’s how I bought the KIT as you see at above picture.  This simple KIT provides us a simple tutorial but yet.. (for me) it’s really pening to read and understand….

I am not that good with sewing things.. And reading this tutorial.. on how to do the marking.. sewing..cutting… ah… that is a challenge!! 😮  Since I was in primary school.. I always hate art class…especially when it comes to cut paper and glued them..

Haha.. but this tutorial is kinda bias.. look.. the japanese tutorial is pinky colourful colour and fun to read but the english version is so dull, it falls down the mood…  However.. I am going to try this. Though it’s kinda… errr… well… at least, I will have new experience.. For now.. I am still trying to understand this simple tutorial.. But I am not going to start this yet until my KNIT projects done..

I have few KNIT projects that I need to finish. .and is kinda busy lately… and have no time to update any projects..

And also.. only 3 days left to 2011..

To all Da’Knit dear visitors, thank you so and so much for always supporting us and keep visiting our humble blog.. Your comments, your ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated and we really love them a lot! Without you all.. Da’Knit will be empty.. 🙁

oh.. sob..sob.. We are happy to see you feel happy when visiting Da’Knit 🙂

Here Da’Knit would love to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and may ALLAH swt will always be with us no matter where we are.. InsyaAllah, may the year of 2011 will be better than 2010 with more bless and joy from ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY.

InsyaAllah, until we meet again!

Thanks for hopping by! Assalamualaikum wbt…

4 Replies to “Knitting to Felt?”

    1. Hehehe.. ndak dalah Yan.. ni pun mau try sekali ja in a life time.. Akak kan.. bab2 jahit gunting ni.. ndak berapa sgt 😛

    1. Salam Halizda..

      Start kit nie ada 4 jenis boleh pilih di DAiSO. Harga kIt ni RM5.00.. kat Daiso semunya 5 ringgit 🙂 hehe…

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