Preview: Bunny from Ying Yi :)

Hi! Nama saya Pinky Bunny ( hihih.. jgn marah Yuu 😛 )

Terima kasih banyak kepada Pn. Ying Yi kerana sudi join giveaway Da’Knit dan telahpun menyiapkan bunny-nya utk dan dipos ke dalam forum untuk dipertandingkan! Wah… ha…. bunny is  KAWAIII… with the pink colour,  so I guess this must be a bunny girl 🙂

The unique part of this bunny ehem… is the eyes 😀 hehehe… a little bit scary but creative! Apart from cute, I like the way it stands.. oh oh.. it is like she is trying to say “Banzai! Banzai!” xD

Thanks alot Yuu.. 🙂 Anyone who interested to join.. you are welcome and the contest is still open until 30 January March 2011. Good luck!

All the best!

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