Corchet small doilies..

This is my second attempt of doing crochet with using the yarn from Yarnsonlineshop.Com, namely Derya Cotton 🙂 Alhamdulillah this small flower or….  I’m not sure what it’s called, but I will just called it as small doily..  at least, I now understood on how to read a simple Japanese pattern chart..actually it is rather pretty easy to read from charts than instructions, though, in addition, when you are able to read chart, I think it will be easy to understand by instructions too.

However, there is one thing that still making me confuse.. uhuh.. just if there is someone who would love to answer this for me, I really appreciate it! 🙂

When you read a pattern chart, how to know if you need to make  slip stitch or sc or dc either through the loop or the chain loop? @-@ this confusing me.. hehe.. i hope someone would be kind to answer this xD Thank you in advanced!

Learning crochet is truly as fun as learning knitting. I can’t wait to try another easy pattern to see how far I can go with crochet. InsyaAllah, May Allah always be with us and helps us in gaining more ilmu.. amin.

Thanks for hopping by! 🙂


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  1. Salam Kak ery yang rajen 🙂

    saye pon sekarang tgh crochet doily tp xhabes2. emm, kalau ikut pattern yg saye buat tu, die akan ckp cthnye “slip stitch in space, sc in the same space, dc in nx space”, so mcm tu je la. setakat yg saye buat selalu ade kene chain5, or chain3 so sepaham sy chain tu akan membentuk “space”. so kat situ la sy slip,sc ke dc ke. hehe.
    paham ke? huhu. .

    1. hahaha… memang rajin.. tak da benda sangat nak dibuat… tulah terlebih rajin 😛
      Thanks Syahidah yang baik 🙂 4 the info.. hihi… ok.. akak faham dah tapi ini guna instructions.. kalau chart/diagram yang jepun pattern tu.. macam mana ya?

      Akak keliru sikit.. sebab charts tak cakap pun masuk space ataupun chain loop tu yang peninb tu 🙁

      Syahidah tahu ka mcm mana?

    1. huhuhu… thanks Cikida.. nanti akak cuba google around.. mana tahu ter-stumble upon nanti 🙂 akak pun masih belajar baca instructions.. kalau ada yang ndak paham nanti.. akak tanya Syahidah ok?

  2. Salam,

    Cantik dan comel small doilies ni .. tak lama lagi boleh buat besar lagi .. (^^,)
    . Tentang baca chart tu rasanya kalau kita akan kait di atas chain memang kena through the loop. Saya pun tak berapa terer baca chart nih .. try and error je selalu

    All the best!!

    1. Salam Kak Zara 🙂
      Terima kasih… hehe.. ni tengah fikir nak cuba buat yang besar juga 😛
      Ah ha.. memang saya pun trial and error buat masa ni.. insyaAlla, kalau saya dah tahu macam mana baca chart dengan baik.. boleh kongsi kat sini 🙂

  3. Slip stitch kene through loop. hdc & dc yg bole bat both, through & over the chain loop.

    Normally ape2 crochet biasa yer mmg buat through loop.
    Jarang over chain loop except nk hasilkan certain pattern effect kt your piece. Selalu tk buat sebab nanti piece jd longgar & tk sturdy.

    Rasa yer tk penah lg nmpk symbol for crochet over chain loop.
    Selalu bat over chain loop nih just bila nk buat ring starting je.

    1. Thank you so much for the tips Fyd! I am sure this tips will help me a lot! xD
      I’m very happy to learn something from a talented crocheter like you 🙂

  4. kurang reti baca chart…tapi memang betul ,rasanya chart lebih senang berbanding written instruction, sbb chart dpt bg idea ttg repetitive pattern, tak perlu baca and ikut berulang2 kali:-)

    *sori x dpt bg idea pasal chain loop semua tu..x reti:-)

    1. Betul Amani.. rasanya baca chart lebih senang lebih2 lagi bila baca repetitive pattern.. memang mudah!

      we will learn together 😀

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