Tutorial: Knit A Button Hole!

Assalamualaikum to all 🙂

Here.. I am going to share a tutorial on how to make a button hole.. this is a simple tutorial I can make.. hopefully it is understandable.. if you have any problems or difficulties in understanding this tutorial, do not hesitate to contact me ok!

Well.. let’s start!

Picture 1: To make a button hole, usually we will make sure that the button hole will be placed at the center.. however this can be differs from patterns to patterns that you are making of, so this can be a basic lesson on how to make a button hole.

If you are a beginner, keep practicing with smaller number of stitches.. this will help you to see better result for you button hole.. which you can learn to adjust your stitches number before making a button hole

Picture 2: To make a button hole, you need to learn on how to do Yarn Over. Click Here for tutorial on how to make YO.

After the 5th sts, make one Yarn Over on right needle

Picture 3: After Yarn Over.. Continue to Knit as usual

Knit as Usual, do not worry about the yarn over 🙂 and now you see you have one extra sts which means you now have 11 sts on your needle

Picture 4: Continue to Knit till the end of sts.. Turn then now you will do Purl on the Wrong Side.. Keep Purling until you reach to the extra loop ( made from the Yarn Over )

As the picture said, DO NOT DROP THIS STS!

Picture 5: PURL this EXTRA LOOP

Just Purl.. just purl…

Picture 6: Now you have ONE EXTRA STS and you will see you have made a LOOP 🙂

Loop… LoOp…looP…lOoP…

Picture 7: After you Purl the EXTRA STS.. CONTINUE TO PURL ONE MORE STS... Then… PICK UP the EXTRA STS like how in picture

Then bring it over the first stitch and drop!

This purpose is to decrease one sts so that our sts will be back to 10 sts again…

Last Picture: Continue to Purl… and Knit.. or Continue knitting with your pattern.. then tada! Now you have one button hole! 🙂

You have one button hole 🙂

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Hopefully this will be useful for all of us! InsyaAllah, next time.. when I have the mood again hihih.. I will make another different tutorial. Happy Knitting Ladies!

May Allah swt bless us all

Thanks for hopping by!

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