2-hours project :D

Alhamdulillah.. this is my first purse crochet that took me 2.5 hours to finish.. (using 5/0 Tulip hook and Gonca Yarn from Yarnsonlineshop.Com) The body part is made with using DC, and then for the bottom, I closed it with Garter Stitch (knit) pattern. How about the flower?

Hihi.. This flower is a gift from the contest by kak Natasha (Thank you so much kak Natasha!) 🙂

I really like this flower so much! It is so cute and nice to wear. Oh.. I forgot to mention that this is a brooch flower.

So actually, my crocheted purse is only a plain one..

Hihi.. i’m happy for my first trial and error 🙂 Alhamdulillah, because Allah gives me a chance to learn crochet.

Meanwhile, I need to finish another hat.. and another 2 more hats requested by a colleague since she likes the first one I made and this really made me feel excited and happy. Alhamdulillah

Using Summer Rose from Yarnsonlineshop.Com with 3.50mm circular needles. Wish me luck!

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