Midnite Project..

Another crochet project.. this is my first time doing crocheted hat.. hopefully I can work this out. Name of the hat is Bucket Hat. Really lovely pattern, can’t wait to see how my version will turns out! Using 3.5mm hook and Soft Merino yarns.

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  1. It’s beautiful! You’re such a kemas crochetter & pandai pilih colour 🙂 I nampak your latest post of the bucket hat; now I like that one better. Thanks for sharing the pattern; kalau buat guna 3.5mm hooks, the hat can fit a young teenager you say?

    1. Hihi.. thank you Jaja 🙂 i did my best.. memang pening baca pattern carta ni tapi lebih easy dari instructions saya rasa.

      You’re welcome! hihi.. i hope you enjoy making this too 🙂

      Ah tidak saiz yang 3.5mm tu kalau guna benang jenis worsted, saiznya lebih kepada teenagers.. tengok tebal benang Jaja pakai.. i think if you use fingering yarns, then you need to use bigger size of hook to get adult size,

      Therefore, i suggest for 4mm-5mm hook. The pattern said to use 3.00mm hook, but since we don’t use the same yarn as the patterns, need to adjust the hook size.

      Oh.. saya menyesal tdk guna saiz 4mm.. because when i wear it on my head.. dia rasa ketat sikit dan langsung tak nampak macam bucket hat hahaha… 😛

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