WIP: Crochet Beret & Butterfly Stitch Pouch

Assalamualaikum semua..

Hope it is not too late for me to wish everyone Happy Weekend! πŸ™‚

Yesterday, I’ve been trying to find another crochet project and finally I found one absolutely cute beret crochet hat, and now in the middle of finishing it. This is my second attempt of making a hat (of course I still need to read a pattern..) hehe.. I am not that good to create one yet_Β  however, the thing is, doing by looking the pattern helped me a lot to understand the structure of crochet! When you have mastered the crochet technique better,Β  it will be easy for you to write down the instruction! πŸ™‚

Here, I’m using the benang kait from Yarnsonlineshop.Com, which, I bought few weeks ago. This Merino Magic is really soft to crochet and very comfortable to touch.. but let me warn you! Do not crochet this benang kait with using sharp hook (means muncung yang tajam dan halus).. it will scratch your yarn easily.. It has no problem at all with knitting needles since they do not have sharp tip as a hook ( oh ya..Β  not all hooks has sharp tip but only certain hooks do.. and thanks to my clover hook, the crochet is nicely done!) I can’t wait to see the outcome of this beret.. this is a size of a children of age 8-12 years old. Hehe.. I hope it can still fit on my head though πŸ˜› InsyaAllah, when I’m done, I will share it here.. (What happened to baby sweater project.. ?! ups.. that is another story hihi xD)

This is another wip project, a butterfly pouch.. Few weeks ago, Jehan was asking me about one small problem she encountered when reading a pattern.. and Alhamdulillah, we both finally made it and I must thank to Jehan (Thanks sis! πŸ™‚ ) , because of her, I learnt this new stitch.. called Butterfly Stitch. Believe it or not, this is a very easy stitch pattern than it looks! Yup.. At first, I also think that this stitch is very complicated but nope! If you looked closely to the picture above, you can see many small cute butterflies laying happily on my work-piece. Well.. dare to challenge yourself?Β  So Knitters, grab your needle and show off your skill with this stitch now! Here’s how you do it:

(Adapted from: www.knittingonthenet.com.. with small adjustment)

Multiple of 10 + 7

(You can adjust your strands.Β  If you want to have 5 strands, just keep repeating ROW1-ROW2 for 5 times end with ROW 9 and continue with ROW 6 pattern…)

It’s important to be sure the working yarn is loose behind the 5 slipped stitches.

Row 1 (RS): k1, *k5, sl5 wyif; rep from *, end k6
Row 2:
(Repeat ROW 1-ROW2 3 times end with ROW 5)
Row 6:
p8, *insert right needle from bottom to top under slipped strands on RS; and lock together with p1 on next stitch; p9; rep from *, end last 8 sts, p8 P8, masukkan jarum kanan ke dalam strands dari baway ke atas yang terbentuk di bahagian RS kemudian buat Purl 1 pada sts bersama strands tersebut ( tujuan: untuk kunci strands )
Row 7: k1, *sl5 wyif, k5; rep from *, end sl5 wyif, k1
Row 8:
Row 9:
Rep Row 7
Row 10:
Row 11:
Rep Row 7
Row 12:
p3, *insert right needle from bottom to top under slipped strands on RS; and lock together with p1 on next stitch; p9; rep from *, until last 3 sts, P3 – P3, masukkan jarum kanan dari bawah ke dalam strands yang terbentuk di bahagian RS kemudian buat Purl 1 pada sts seterusnya bersama strands tersebut ( tujuan: untuk kunci strands )

**sl5 wyif : SLIP 5 STS PURLWISE With Yarn In Front

You can do anything with this stitches. Hats, cozies, pouches, clothes.. and many more! What you need to know and do is just cast on, knit, purl, bind off and wrapping yarn! (Don’t forget that you need to refer Knitting Abbreviations to do this ok!)

So hopefully, I can finish this by tonight insyaAllah. I hope this small information will bring benefits to all of us. Thanks for hopping by! πŸ™‚

Happy knitting & crocheting!

p/s: Thank you Yuu, Yan, Jaja, Eija, S_Loley, Kak Lia, Kak Aisyah Helga, Kak Natasha, Cikida, Jehan, Syahidah, Fyd, Amani….Β  you all have inspired me to do more knit/crochet projects!Β  I’m glad to know you all πŸ™‚Β  For customers who bought our benang kait from yarnsonlineshop.com and needles, thank you so much too! We always do our best to find what you need, insyaAllah and for those who have made payment for benang kait and knitting/crochet needles, we will process your order as soon as possible, and will let you know the update via email. Do check your email fromΒ  time to time ok! And for those who is interested in peralatan mengait, do not hesitate to contact me at sindarery(at)gmail.com or daknit(at)aheys.com. Thanks for the support ya everyone!

May Allah SWT bless us all the time.. amin amin amin ya rabb.

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    1. InsyaAllah Amani.. I’m sure one day you will πŸ™‚
      It is easy than how it looks. Master the basic+ non-stop practice! and thank you for the compliment Amani hihi.. , alhamdulillah.. saya pun suka dengan butterfly stitch tu..

  1. Nice work on the crochet & butterfly knit.

    Don’t stop crochet-ing /kinitting! =)
    I think it’s the most less material craft compare to anything. You just need a ball of yarn & hook/needles then you’re ready to go, anywhere anytime =D

    Mcm iklan plak ek =P

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