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Yarnsonlineshop.Com New Face

Ok.. alhamdulillah.. nampaknya Ice yarns telah memberikan wajah baru untuk reseller store milik Da’Knit 🙂 hihi.. suka betul tengok. Nampak clean even kinda pack.  Just hoping there will be much more choices of templates to choose.

Though, the upgrading still ongoing and there will be a small glitch during payment but do not worry because we are here to help you! So, if you have trouble during purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

As we all know, there are also stores that look similar to Yarnsonlineshop.Com and for not to bring a confusion, Yarnsonlineshop.Com is belongs to Aheys.Com and is Authorized Ice Yarns Reseller which, has been founded on August 2010 by Da’Knit. You can email us anytime at sindarery@gmail.com for further information.

Thank you to all our valued customers who purchased yarns from our shop. We really happy that you enjoy our service! 🙂 We will always do our best to make sure every purchase will arrive to you safely within the estimate delivery and more important is, customer satisfaction is guaranteed!! Please take a note that all our yarns are imported from Turkey, however, believe it or not, anyone can enjoy our Ice Yarns without limitation, worldwide!

A hamba Allah was asking me, what is the difference between Iceyarns.Com and Yarnsonlineshop.Com?

Iceyarns.Com is the producer of Ice yarns brands. We at Yarnsonlineshop.Com provides to all our customers in Malaysia the convenience to shop Ice brand yarns through online without the need of credit card or paypal. So you can shop with us and make your payment through bank transfer/online banking/deposit/atm anytime anywhere in our currency, Ringgit Malaysia!! Isn’t that great?!

There is no hassle! 😉

Ups.. macam buat iklan di TV pulak 🙂 hihi.. oklah.. insyaAllah, tiada yang memudahkan segala urusan kita melainkan Allah swt. Terima kasih semua, kerana terus memberikan sokongan kepada Aheys.Com 😉

May Allah swt bless us all.

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5 Replies to “Yarnsonlineshop.Com”

  1. assalamualaikum.. ery nk tumpang tnye… boleh tak jelas kan jarum n benang mcm ne sesuai untuk buat hat.. tak paham la ade yng H G la.. slalukan kite pakai size gune no cth 3, 4, 5.. kalau overc tak pakai no kan…

    1. Waalaikumsalam Sanchai 🙂

      Terima kasih atas komen-nya xD
      Sanchai maksudkan jarum kait satu kan? Jarum knitting ataupun crochet, kedua-duanya terdiri daripada pelbagai saiz untuk disesuaikan dengan benang. Benang pun ada saiz.. ada yang sportfine, fingering, 4ply, DK, worsted.. bulky..

      Biasanya semakin tebal saiz benang, semakin besar saiz diameter jarum yang diperlukan..

      Kalau nak buat hat.. bergantung pada jenis benang yang Sanchai guna.. kalau halus benangnya.. Sanchai gunakan saiz yang kecil.. kalau benang dia tebal sikit.. Sanchai guna jarum yang saiz besar sikit.. kalau semakin besar saiz jarum, texture dia tak sama dengan saiz jarum yang kecil..

      Biasanya kalau dia letak G,H.. itu ikut saiz US. Tetapi Sanchai boleh rujuk pada mana-mana charts di google untuk lihat saiz G tu apa nombor dia.. H tu apa nombor dia..

      Harap ini membantu 🙂

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