Ruffle Hat 4 a 2 Years Old Princess :)

Alhamdulillah… finally done knitting this ruffle hat for 2-3 years old baby, actually can be worn by 5 years old too 😀

Well.. my raglan sweater project is still on progress.. somehow.. couldn’t finish it by last weekend due to some reasons that could no be avoided 🙁 but alhamdulillah… i am able to continue it now, and not to forget, a thousands thanks to my good friend, Hasna, for the help she made for me, hehe..  she was willing to help me finish the last few rows and the bind off part (because i was too busy in knitting the raglan sweater ) and believe it or not,  really a fast learner she is! xD

Hey.. why there is no flower here attached? hehe.. because I still not yet sew it on. Will do it now! 🙂

Anyone interested in this hat, please do contact me at

Thanks for hopping by!

May Allah swt bless us all


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    1. Terima kasih kak 🙂 hihi.. malunya.. ini adalah topi ruffle hat yang ke-4 saya.. alhamdulillah, sepanjang mencuba, benang ini yang sangat baik untuk jenis ruffle hat ni..

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