Da'Knit contest giveaway winner!

The winner is:

Congratulation Yuu!

Thank you to Syahidah and Yuu for participated in this humble contest 🙂

Prize is :  1 pair of ADDi Needles of 100 cm long xD and size will be chose by Winner

Due to some reasons, I am changing the ADDi Needles to 1 pair of 100cm circular that is special made for socks knitting.

For Syahidah, a small gift of Sagu Hati will come to you 🙂

Thank you again to all who joins and give support to this giveaway 🙂

May Allah swt bless us all

5 Replies to “Da'Knit contest giveaway winner!”

    1. U’re welcome Syahidah.. nanti ada contest, Cikida cuba lagi tau! 🙂 Syahidah tunggu ja small gift tu ya xD Harap Syahidah suka..

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