Knitting Tutorial: PSSO a.k.a Pass Slip Stitch Over :)

Assalamulaikum everyone.. alhamdulillah.. this time, I am going to show on how to do PSSO tutorial. InsyaAllah.. hopefully this video will help to understand on how to do PSSO.

This video is made for Kak Natasha 🙂 Hope you like this video kak! 🙂  and may it brings benefits to everyone who wants to learn about the way to do PSSO.

Please leave us a comment about this tutorial either it helps or not, clear and if its’ understandable 🙂 Thank you for watching!

 Da’Knit Tutorial: How to do PSSO a.k.a pass over slip stitch

May Allah bless us all.. amin.

Thank you for hopping by! 🙂

One Reply to “Knitting Tutorial: PSSO a.k.a Pass Slip Stitch Over :)”

  1. Alhamdulillah…tq byk ery atas bantuan ery. Jazakallahi khair-moga allah bls ery dgn kebaikan. 🙂

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