Assalamualaikum to all da’knit’s visitors.. alhamdulillah.. I got a chance to post another entry today. Just now I was trying to experiment this rainbow yarn like the picture above (which is going to be a hat soon…. 🙂 )  and the colour did turns out sweet and pretty, isn’t it?

This yarn is bulky, bulky than the daiso yarn…. using 6.mm hook .. and also, you can use with 6.5mm or 7mm hook too.. but it is soft and really really nice to feel .. Experimenting different yarns are very enjoyable.. 🙂

Oh and.. if anyone interested, you can check this yarn out at: http://sindarery.aheys.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=61

Oh yes.. alhamdulillah.. today, Da’Knit Online Store has been updated with new stock.. which is:

This hook is really nice and comfortable to use.. The yarns doesn’t slip of easily from the hook during crocheting.. and the shape of the hook is really i can say, one of a kind xD so unique! This hooks is good for beginner too. Besides that, the handle is larger, and therefore more comfortable, so you can avoid straining your hand and fingers when crocheting.. The best part of this hooks is that, the yarn slides nicely and you won’t have trouble scratching your yarn.  🙂

If anyone interested with this hooks, it is available for purchase at: http://sindarery.aheys.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=76

We are planning to bring more stocks in Da’Knit Online Store. InsyaAllah, any new update.. we will inform you via FB page.. thank you for everyone support ya 🙂

May Allah swt bless us all

16 Replies to “Rainbow..”

    1. Yup.. cantikkan kak.. saya suka warna lembut macma ni.. Alhamdulillah.. hari ni dah pun selamat di pos.. nanti saya email akak tracking numbernya.. maafkan saya sbb terlewat sedikit mengepos.. tak sabar nak tunggu hasil beanie akak 😀

  1. cantiknya combination colour yarn tu cik ery. tu buat topi untuk orang dewasa ke baby. Is it for sale? kalau ya saya berminat 🙂

  2. hi ery,akak ni kan pantang betul la tgk crochet hook yg cantik2 mcm ni…geram je rasa nk beli..tp memikirkan hamanaka yg dulu tu pun belum try semua lagi….so,terpaksalah pendamkan je dulu..hihi…

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