Knitting Tassle Hat Pattern by Da'Knit – Seamless version

Designed By: Sindarery@Aheys.Com

Pattern is FREE but PLEASE DO NOT POST it back, copy-paste or distribute in any form, and it is prohibited to do so.  You are only allowed to back-link this post. However, you can sell the item made from this pattern and take profits. If you use this pattern to sell/teach, please credit to Daknit.Com.


Any size of needles ( and here I am using 4.00mm x 40 cm circular needles)

Any Medium yarns ( and here I am using Yazgulu Ice Yarns )

Thread needle

Card for making tassel (if necessary)



Cast On 80 sts (for baby to 2-3 years old)

At the beginning of sts, place a marker to mark your starting point. Make sure your that your stitches are not twisting. We are going to work in the round.

Row 1: [K2,P2]

Row 2: [P2,K2]

Repeat Row 1 – Row 2 until you desired length ( or at least until 10 rows)


After you done with Row 1 and Row 2, continue the next rows with Knit.

Next Rows: Keep doing Knit Stitch — ( At least to 10-15 cm length from Casting On) or until your desired length.

Binding off:


Using the thread needle, close up the top part with Kitchener Stitch:

**for this part, don’t forget to divide your stitches fairly into two needles (like magic loop). For example: Since you are casting on 80 sts, for Kitchener stitch, divide your sts into 40-40 then follow the instruction below to bind off your top:

(PF,KB,**KF(drop)PF,PB(drop),KB**) – Repeat this ** to ** until the end of the last row.

F- Front, B- Back.

For Kitchener Stitch tutorial, please refer here:

At last, you can put two tassels on each side of your hat just like in the picture 🙂

You can refer to this tutorial for making tassels: (Thank you to Techknitting for tutorial)

Happy knitting everyone 🙂

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