Soon to be done! My Hats

Assalamualaikum .. 🙂

Alhamdulillah.. after a while, I finally had the chance to update my post tonight. It’s been a really hectic days lately.. and may everything goes well and smooth.. insyaAllah, amin.

Due to this, I had to delay my orders for days and I am really sorry to my customer that I made her waited so long this time.. however, I did my best to finish it as fast as I can whenever I had the chance to hold my hook and needles.

So what I’ve been up to for the passed few days?


The 5 Hats Projects! Ahhhh… I am really sorry for the blurry pictures.. did my best to take the best shoot 🙁

My customer made a request of 5 hats, which are, 3 tassels hats and the other 2 are pom pom hats. Here are some of them that are already 95% done! ( oh momy… ‘Cause I still haven’t yet attached the tassels and the pom pom with the hats.. 🙁 )

1. Blue Baby Soft Tassels Hat

2. Green Baby Soft Tassels Hat

3. Pink Baby Soft Tassels Hat

4. Orange Baby Soft Pom Pom Hat

Ah.. and one more to go.. the Yellow Baby Soft Pom Pom Hat! InsyaAllah.. hopefully I can finish it a.s.a.p, and can be sent by tomorrow, or Monday.. ( I am really really sorry Mdm.. hope you can forgive me for my slow work..)

Thank you so much for following Da’Knit updates ya 🙂

InsyaAllah.. there will be more projects soon, knitting and crochet. May Allah make it easy for all of us. Amin ya rabbal’alamin.

Thank you for hopping by and may Allah swt bless us all

Have a good night and weekend everyone!

p/s: if you are interested with my handmade stuffs, don’t be hesitate to contact me at Join us on Facebook.Com/Daknit for more updates!

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