WIP and Haziran Memory :)

Alhamdulillah… now am progressing with the next set, a knitted hat and booties 🙂

Salam everyone, how are you today? Hope you are all doing fine and blessed with a pleasant day today! Alhamdulillah.. lately, we’ve been kinda busy with arranging our new humble shop, so good news is, now we are also serving you offline too! 🙂 Syukur to Allah for the chances and opportunities given to us. Thank you so much to my family, especially my mom and my husband for the hardwork they did for this small shop. More updates will be posted in our Da’Knit page at www.facebook.com/daknit

Ahh.. this morning, while looking for my stuffs, suddenly I found my old book, a very special book, a gift from my dear Husband 🙂

Dede Korkut Stories (Dede Korkut back time stories)

This is a Turkish book, and yup, just by looking at the cover, you can guess that it is for kids lol.. but I am really happy. When I first trying to learn Turkish, I had to struggle a lot with looking here and there for information around the net, but alhamdulillah, thank you to my husband, he was/is also willing to be my teacher. hihi.. the good thing is about knowing people from different cultures is that you learnt soomething totally new and different from the life routine we have.

Haziran – June 2009..  🙂 When I first come to Turkey, woha.. I can’t believe how amazing and wonderful Turkey is. Bursa, is my husband’s hometown, also the best city I’ve seen other than Istanbul. InsyaAllah, when have rizki again.. will visit again 🙂 )

The first page of the book.. believe it or not, since the day I received this book till now.. I only manage to study until 3-4 pages.. 🙁

Hopefully in time, I can learn Turkish as much as I will be able to speak with my husband and his family, insyaAllah.

Oklah.. need to continue with my WIP again 🙂

Thank you for hopping by!

May Allah swt bless us all. Have nice day everyone!

5 Replies to “WIP and Haziran Memory :)”

  1. Hi Sindarery!

    I’ve been hanging around here quite sometime and I enjoy reading about your yarn crafts adventure. You are a very talented and hardworking knitter/crocheter! I see that you are opening an “offline shop” now, I’m excited!! Finally a shop that will sell decent yarns! I hope the shop is located in KK, yes? Would you post some photos of the shop here and maybe let us know the address? I live in Lahad Datu but I go and visit my relatives in KK every year. I should go and check out your store next time I’m in town 😀

    Nice day to you too xx

    1. Hi Nurhayatxcy J 🙂

      Subhanallah.. I’m very happy that you enjoy reading this humble blog. Welcome to Da’Knit 😀 I have lots friend from Lahad Datu too. But I’ve never been there yet. My best and good friend live in Tawau. InsyaAllah, one day with the will of Allah, would love to go and visit there!
      Alhamdulillah.. yep, we are opening a craft shop especially for knitting and crochet and you are always welcome. Yes, the shop is located in Kota Kinabalu, inside the Wisma Muis building. Do you know this building right? InsyaAllah, slowly, we are going to stock more supplies for craft pleasures. Please do pray for us ya! 🙂

      Will upload the pictures of the shop via our Da’Knit FB page. Hope to see you here in the future Norhayathxcy J 🙂

      Nice to meet you!

      1. Wisma Muis! The building close to Muzium Sabah, isn’t it? I think it’s not too far from Grandma’s house in Penampang. In fact I’ve been there quite a few times to buy scarfs and baju kurongs. Ohhhh I’m excited! Saw the photos of the shop from Facebook just now, looking gooood, I’d say 😀 😀

        I have got a request though. Will you please stock some sock yarn? Ones that have a little bit of nylon in it, if you can. It is so hard to get it locally and I don’t really like online shopping these days because I don’t trust my postal service here in LD. I like knitting socks (actually, that’s the only thing that I know how to knit) so I’m a bit frustrated with the lack of sock yarn available in the local market. Anyway I shouldn’t be making complaints here sorry hehe. I pray that Allah makes things easy for you and of course, may the shop be a success for you! InshaAllah 🙂

        Nice to meet you too xx

        1. Yup.. most people went to Muis to buy tudungs and baju kurungs hehehe.. it goes same for me too 🙂
          Wah in Penampang? Then it is close to Muis 🙂 Blushing blushing.. the shop still need more this and that. InsyaAllah Amin amin amin ya rabbal’alamin for the dua, and goes same for you too Norhayathxcy 🙂

          Oh sock yarns? I have never use sock yarn before but they say it is the best yarn for making socks. Especially it comes with self-stripping color, right? InsyaAllah, we will put the request into our consideration ya! Thank you so much for the suggestion.

          I am amazed with socks you knitted. I just hopped by to your blog and saw the socks pictures for your mom 🙂 wah.. really nice. Did you knit it with DPNs? Have you try the technic with 2 circular needles or 2 socks in 1 circular needles?

          When I make a sock, I never able to complete the second pair because of laziness… 🙁 Have you heard about Malaysia Knitting Club in FB? Why don’t you come and join us 🙂 There lots of members around Malaysia who loves knitting and share their projects.

  2. 😀 oha! June 2009? 10 or 11th June? 😀 11th my birthday hahahaha 😀
    quite interesting! 😀 best gift to study turkish 😀
    ohya, kak ery punya husband mesti terer English, camne ek akak maintainkan communication even 2 different languages? 🙂 Salute 🙂
    *nak belajar tips dari akak* 😀

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