Yay book of my dream just arrived! alhamdulillah..

Alhamdulillah..  the books i’ve been waiting for arrived safely. Though, if not because of delayed (2 weeks delayed) it’s supposed to arrive earlier than today.. ahhh nevermind! As long as I have the book of my dream now, no complaint! My book is the Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book  xD yay! This book is awesome, very details, lots of information and many new things I can learn here. After 3 years waiting a chance to buy.. hihih.. happy betul! Alhamdulillah..

The other books are belongs to my friends in MKC. Will post them soon by next week insyaAllah 🙂

And again, bought 2 needles by PONY, made with plastic, comes with 3mm and 4mm sizes.. another collection but still will use this to make certain flat project.

Really a blessed Friday. Thank you Allah.

Thanks for hopping by! 🙂

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