My latest project and new collections :-)

Assalamualaikum, alhamdulillah, havent notice that i’ve been away from blogging for a while. Still having small fever today but slowly feeling better. I would like to share with you my latest project. This is my latest knitting cardigan. It was requested by our walk in customer.

honestly, after this, i will focus more on my own projects. Well, so many pending wips, now that i need to focus on them., i know its not good to keep delaying ur work. Huhuhu… oh n, my old hobby is coming back 🙂 can u guess what? jum cuci cuci mata looking at my new yummylicious yarns collections 🙂

Ok… i admit i spent too much on yarns lately, while i dont even have plans what do i have to do with them. InsyaAllah there will be more to arrive and hopefully, i really can make something out of it. Oh Allah… while writing this, my another yarns i just bought from kak wie just arrived safely.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 oh ya oh ya.. i know i am showing off lol… just cant help to show these sweeett yarns

lovely yarns… yummm…  🙂

So, until next time, hope i ll come up with more projects soon 🙂
May Allah bless us all. Thanks for hopping by.

3 Replies to “My latest project and new collections :-)”

  1. alm..saya nk tnya..klau nk buat winter scarf ,yarn apa yg sesuai digunakn?pstu klo kt KL ada x kdai yg jual wool tu?tpi nk yg agak murah la..sbb saya nk wt utk 10 org..aritu tgk kt lili handcraft smpi rm300 utk satu scarf..agak mahal

  2. tq,,bgtaw..tpi saya x thu bape bnyk nk beli.. mksd saya for 1 people should use bape bnyk benang..n do u know what kind of yarn is the most suitable..sbb saya mmg x thu apa2 psal mengait..bru nk bljr..

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